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JMSscala Logo

JMS for Scala (JMSscala)

Author: Dino Fancellu

To use as a library, just pull in from

Build Status

JMSscala is a Scala Library to invoke JMS, the Java Message System.

It provides Scala interfaces, metaphors and conversions that lead to tighter code and less boilerplate

It should work with any compliant JMS driver, having already been tested against ActiveMQ 5.8.0 drivers

Requires Scala 2.10.3/2.11.8 and JMS 1.1

Firstly, make sure that your JMS java driver jars are included and are working. Perhaps run some java to make sure its all up and running.

Then in your Scala include in the following:

import com.felstar.jmsScala.JMS._
import com.felstar.jmsScala.JMS.AllImplicits._

The next few steps are very familiar to any JMS Developer:

Create your session, e.g.

val connectionFactory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory("tcp://localhost:61616")
val connection = connectionFactory.createConnection()
val session = connection.session(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE)

The above uri and connection factory is dependent on the driver used

Some example code:

Connect to a queue and purge existing messages

val q=session.queue("yikes")      
val messageConsumer = q.consumer
  	// clean up queue, consuming all messages

Send a couple of text messages

val prod = q.producer.deliveryMode(NON_PERSISTENT).send("Hello").send("World")

Send a map message with a couple of properties

prod.sendMapWith(Map("one" -> 1, "two" -> 2))
 {_.propertiesMap(Map("someprop" -> "hello", "anotherprop" -> "Goodbye"))}

Show the 3 current messages on the queue

val messages=q.browser().messages
    case mess:TextMessage=>mess.asText
    case mess:MapMessage=>mess.asMap
  }.map("BROWSE "+_).mkString("\n"))
BROWSE Map(two -> 2, one -> 1)

Consume and print the first 2 messages


Consume 3rd map message and its properties

   // we don't get map directly, but get message
   // so that we can get both map and propertiesMap
val message = messageConsumer.receive()

Map(two -> 2, one -> 1)
Map(anotherprop -> Goodbye, someprop -> hello)

Working with a temporary queue

val tq=session.temporaryQueue()      
tq.producer.send("A temp message").closeMe()
    // get the text back
val tqConsumer=tq.consumer
println("TemporaryQueue: "+tqConsumer.receiveText)
TemporaryQueue: A temp message

Async messaging

echoActor ! "About to set up async message consumer"
   // receives async incoming messages, routes to actor
messageConsumer.setMessageListener(new MessageListener(){
   def onMessage(mess:javax.jms.Message)=  echoActor ! mess         
   // the following should be seen in the echoActor
prod.send("Hello, this should be seen async")


val echoActor = actor {
    while (true) {
      receive {
        case Stop=>exit()
        case mess:Message =>{
               println("ASYNC "+Thread.currentThread().getName())
               println("ASYNC "+mess.asText)
        case unknown =>println("received unknown message: "+ unknown)
received unknown message: About to set up async message consumer
ASYNC ForkJoinPool-1-worker-29
ASYNC Hello, this should be seen async

Working with anonymous producer

val anonProd=session.anonProducer()   
  // when sending we specify destination   
anonProd.send("Sent from anon producer",q).closeMe() 
ASYNC ForkJoinPool-1-worker-29
ASYNC Sent from anon producer

Filtering consumer

echoActor ! Stop
  // setup consumer to just handle certain messages
val filteringConsumer=q.consumer("type='misc'")
prod.send("Ignored: Hopefully not seen by filtering consumer")
prod.sendWith("Is this seen"){_.propertiesMap(Map("type"->"misc"))}
prod.sendWith("This too?"){_.propertiesMap(Map("type"->"misc","amount"->42))}
var text:String=null
 if (text!=null) println("Filtering consumer: "+text)       
} while (text!=null)

  // will leave Ignored on the queue
Filtering consumer: Is this seen
Filtering consumer: This too?

Working with topics

  // create 3 topic consumers, but last one is created after message sent
val topic=session.topic("messageboard")
val tc1=topic.consumer
val tc2=topic.consumer
val tp=topic.producer.send("Here's a shout out!").closeMe()
val tc3=topic.consumer
  // first 2 sees the shout out text
println("From topic via tc1 "+tc1.receiveText)
println("From topic via tc2 "+tc2.receiveText)
  // 3rd will not see it, returns null after 1 second timeout
println("From topic via tc3 "+tc3.receiveText(1000))
 From topic via tc1 Here's a shout out!
 From topic via tc2 Here's a shout out!
 From topic via tc3 null

##A few items of note

Use of closeMe() is to close up resource allocation as we go along. You may not wish to do so and could just rely on a final session.closeMe() or session.closeMyConncection()

Any feedback is appreciated. I understand that I may well not currently cover all use cases and look forward to improving jmsScala. You can find some examples of jmsScala being used in the com.felstar.jmsScala.example package