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funch commented Apr 9, 2012


I've been struggling with an issue. I'm showing an iFrame with Fancybox, and all is fine, however due to multiple steps inside the iFrame scrolling might appear. Some of the steps has a lot more text than others, and therefore scrollbar-y moves the content to the left. Fancybox does not account for this and puts a scrollbar-x as well.

Can I fix this somehow? Am I missing something or is it a known issue? It works completely fine in Safari on Mac, because the scrollbars in on top of the content and the width is small. But FF has a scrollbar with width about 20px.

I could change the Fancybox to be width + 20, but then it will add some weird spacing when there no scrollbar. Setting scrollbars always could work, however not in Safari, due to the smaller scrollbar.


fancyapps commented Apr 10, 2012

Try updating to the latest

the newest version is 2.0.5?

funch commented Apr 11, 2012

Seems like the problem is solved in v 2x :) Thank you!

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fancyapps commented Apr 11, 2012

Maybe someone will find this read interesting -

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