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Possible to slide images in a gallery? #62

martinbean opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Is it possible to have a slide as a transition effect when viewing a gallery of images, rather than no effect or dropping in from the top?


That`s planned feature for the next releases.

But it`s also possible to add custom transitions, similarly to this example -


Thanks for the speedy response. I'll have a bash at writing my own solution in that case.

Do you guys have a transitions branch and I can send a pull request when I'm done?


Good question, you are the first person asking about branching (or separating transitions from core).

I have not decided yet.


Let me know when you do decide, whether it's a branch or a separate repository for transitions etc, and I'll gladly contribute.


@martinbean I'm not sure how far you got with this - but I've just implemented a related enhancement which you maybe interested in. Check out my commit in this pull request


Hi @WillsB3. I've just checked out your pull request and it's not quite what I was after. Was more after the ability to slide images horizontally left and right, similar to a carousel.


Hi, any news about this?
I've seen your custom transitions example on Stackoverflow, but since I'm not a js ninja I couldn't understand how to adapt it to achieve a basic horizontal slide effect. Can you please provide some basic guidelines?
thanks a lot.


when will the next version with that feature implemented be out


I have created a demo of creating custom animation effects -


See #233

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