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python-continuum - Consistent hashing

Copyright (c) 2010 by Joachim Bauch,

python-continuum provides a function to do consistent hashing. See
wikipedia [1]_ for more informations about this technique.

First we need the continuum object that serves as storage for server
informations and can later be used to resolve keys::

	>>> from continuum import Continuum
	>>> c = Continuum()

Empty continuums obviously can't be queried::

	>>> c.resolve('my-key1')
	Traceback (most recent call last):
	IndexError: empty continuum

Add the server objects that are available as backends::

	>>> c.add_server('', 8080)
	<Server "", capacity=1>
	>>> c.add_server('', 8080)
	<Server "", capacity=1>

You can also specify different capacities of the server to priorize
them (this defaults to 1)::

	>>> c.add_server('', 8080, 2)
	<Server "", capacity=2>

Server objects can also be removed::

	>>> server = c.add_server('', 8080)
	>>> c.remove_server(server)
	>>> len(c)

Please note that a server can only be added once::

	>>> c.add_server('', 8080)
	Traceback (most recent call last):
	TypeError: server already added

After all servers have been added, the continuum can be queried for the
server that should be used for a given (string) key::

	>>> c.resolve('my-first-key')
	<Server "", capacity=1>
	>>> c.resolve('my-other-key')
	<Server "", capacity=2>

.. [1]