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Fancy Foodie Terms and Policies

Build Status

This repository contains the various terms and policies used by Fancy Foodie providing a historical record of changes and planned future changes.

HOWTO: Open source your orgnization's policies

  1. Create your own repository named policies or fork ours.

  2. Add your current policies to the repository:

  • Include your Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other policy documents that relate to schools, students, and teachers using your service.
  • Protip: The HTML to Markdown converter makes it easy to generate plain text versions of your existing policies.
  1. Use Git branches and Pull Requests to manage changes in your policies.

  2. Let everyone know by tweeting your repository with the hashtag #opensourceprivacy


Thanks to Pear Deck, Clever and Bill Fitzgerald for getting us started on this. We're happy to join them in providing clear and transparent records of all of our policies.