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Fancy Hands Java SDK

This is our first pass at a Java library / SDK.

We'd gladly accept any pull requests or advice.

This includes code for all of the Fancy Hands endpoints including:

  • fancyhands.echo.Echo
  • fancyhands.echo.Echo
  • fancyhands.standard.Standard
  • fancyhands.standard.Message
  • fancyhands.custom.Custom


It should have 100% test coverage.

  • Update the test code with your API credentials
  • Run mvn test


This could should work on Android, but doesn't require any android libraries. So you can build any Java app you want.

Building it

  • mvn compile

Using it

  • mvn package
  • cp target/fancyhands-java-sdk-1.0.jar $YOURPROJECT/libs

Write your code:

        Standard standard = new Standard(API_KEY, API_SECRET);
        standard.get(new FancyHandsClient.FancyRequestListener() {
            public void onComplete(JSONObject result) {
                JSONArray requests = result.getJSONArray("requests");
                System.out.println("Got " + requests.length() + " standard requests");
                for(int i = 0; i < requests.length(); ++i) {
                    JSONObject request = requests.getJSONObject(i);
                    System.out.println(request.get("title") + " - " + request.get("key"));