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Curated list of fandogh manifests for commonly used services
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Fandogh Manifests

Curated list of Fandogh PaaS manifests for commonly used services.

Table of Manifest Categories

As you can see, we have categorized each manifest to its related parent.
this way users can decide which manifest will suit their issue the best in seconds.

Category Link Category Link
Database Click Admin Dashboards Click
Object Storage Click Monitoring Click
Analytics Click API Gateway Click
Security Click Storage Click
Message Broker Click Messenger Click
File Manager Click

Note, this table is under improvement and more categories will be added; So feel free to make request for other categories.

Contribution Structure

As you know, Fandogh PaaS is highly active in open source projects and communities and this repository is open source too.
You can contribute and share your fandogh manifests with other users to provide ease and joy.


  1. Create a manifest and test it with fandogh-cli
  2. After successful deployment, make a fork.
  3. Make a folder with service name
  4. Create a file, with brief description about the service that you provided its manifest and its config.
  5. Remove real values and credentials from manifest and replace them with general value like -> name: SERVICE_NAME
  6. Put the manifest in created folder
  7. Create merge request and we will be happy to accept :)
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