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A GWT 2 starting project, with maven 2 and UiBinder use
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Starting example of GWT 2 with maven, UI binder and i18n.

Author - Licence
Francois Armand -

All resources under my copyrigth are published under the Apache v2, 
use it and enhance it - it would be great to be able to have
a "5 minutes to have a GWT2 with i18n project running".

Get the source:
git clone git:// 

Install environnement
Unzip the archive, the resulting directory will be you "GWT_HOME"
Make a symbolic link from gwt-dev.jar to gwt-jar-{your environment name}.jar, for
  % ln -s gwt-dev.jar gwt-dev-linux.jar
  I think that all the possibilities are "linnux", "windows" and "mac"
In pom.xml, change the path of <google.webtoolkit.home> to your GWT_HOME (note that we can't
  use directly an environment variable like: 
  <google.webtoolkit.home>${env.GWT_HOME}</google.webtoolkit.home> due to this bug:
Install the developpement plugin for your browser. 
For firefox, it's here:

You should be able to test with:
% mvn compile gwt:compile
% mvn gwt:run

Build and test

All maven related commands are to be executed in the root directory (where the pom.xml file is)

Generating Async services
% mvn gwt:generateAsync

% mvn compile gwt:compile

Testing in dev mode
% mvn gwt:run

Testing i18n

There is an example of i18n with a French translation.
To know what are the md5 keys of the property file, just run
% mvn gwt:compile

The generated properties files will be in target/extra/gwt2test

To test with the French local, add "&locale=fr" at the end of the site url, 
for example :

Adding a new language


Interesting resources

- about UiBinder

- about UiBinder & i18n

- about UiBinder and Css

- about maven plugin for GWT(2) :

I also added relevant example found in GWT sources in the ui-examples directory. 
They may be found in their last version in the GWT public svn repository :
(relevant packages: 
user/test/com/google/gwt/uibinder/test/client and 

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