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unifdef - selectively remove C preprocessor conditionals

Written by Tony Finch <> -

The unifdef utility selectively processes conditional C preprocessor
#if and #ifdef directives. It removes from a file both the directives
and the additional text that they delimit, while otherwise leaving the
file alone.

Please see the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

Pre-formatted documentation can be found in unifdef.txt

You can download the latest release tar and zip files from:

Note: GitHub's "releases" are incomplete and broken, but I am not
able to redrect them to the right place.

You can clone the development repository using:
	git clone

I also maintain a copy at
(Warning: GitHub's zip download is incomplete and unusable.)

Please send bug reports and patches to me via email to the
address above. Unless you state otherwise, I will assume that
any contributions are under the two-clause BSD licence. See
the COPYING file for details.

Thanks to the following people for their contributions:

Bob Proulx <>
 - test suite

Jonathan Nieder <>
 - bug fixes, improved unifdefall

Anders H Kaseorg <>
 - bug fixes and other improvements

Ruediger Meier <>
 - build and portability cleanups

Ben Hutchings at Solarflare Communications
 - lenient evaluation of && and ||

Steve Underwood <>
 - read #define and #undef directives from a file

Brian Ginsbach <>
 - improved expression evaluator

Other contributions are listed in the Changelog.

- end -