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Newton ADMM

This project has the implementation of Newton ADMM of the paper

Distributed Second-order Convex Optimization


We implemented Newton-ADMM on top of Pytorch with mpi support.

Currently, if user wants Pytorch with mpi support, one needs to install Pytorch from source.

For the instructions of installing it from source, please see here

Running the Script

The main python script that runs Newton-ADMM is

It takes the following 7 arguments:

  1. Lambda : The regularization parameter.
  2. CG_tol : The tolerance of Congugate Gradient(CG) Descent Method
  3. CG_maxit : The maximun number of CG iterations
  4. Newton_maxit : The maximun number of Newton iterations, that is, epoch.
  5. LS_maxit : The maximun number of Line Search Method iterations
  6. data_path : The path of BOTH your training set and testing set.
  7. num_nodes : The number of nodes(including Master and Workers) to run Newton-ADMM.

For example

mpirun -np num_nodes -hostfile yourhostfile  python Lambda CG_tol CG_maxit Newton_maxit LS_maxit data_path num_nodes

Specifically, if a user wants 1 Master and 2 workers to run Newton-ADMM, the above command would be

mpirun -np 3 -hostfile yourhostfile  python Lambda CG_tol CG_maxit Newton_maxit LS_maxit data_path 3

And the format/content of "yourhostfile" in this case is:



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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