Fatal Error with no until rule using SG_iCal_Freq->getNext #11

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If the event is repetative but contains no until rule, SG_iCal_Freq::getNext runs endlessly. I suggest putting a limit in place to counter such events causing out of memory errors

I have exactly the same problem, did you find a fix for it?

yani- commented Nov 13, 2012

I am looking for a fix too.

Yes, however you don't need it if you set an "until" rule. However the patch is as follows

//      impose a upper ceiling.
        if(isset($this->rules['until']) === false)
            $this->rules['until'] = $start + 315360000;

Add the above to line# 100 in SG_iCal_Freq.php. It basically sets a hard upper limit of 10 years if the "until" rule is not set.

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