Hosts the latest kibana3 and elasticsearch behind Google OAuth2, Basic Authentication or CAS Authentication
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kibana Authentication Proxy

Hosts the latest kibana3 and elasticsearch behind Google OAuth2, Basic Authentication or CAS Authentication with NodeJS and Express.

  • A proxy between Elasticsearch, kibana3 and user client
  • Support Elasticsearch which protected by basic authentication, only kibana-authentication-proxy knows the user/passwd
  • Compatible with the latest kibana3
  • Enhanced authentication methods. Now support Google OAuth2, BasicAuth(multiple users supported) and CAS Authentication for the clients
  • Per-user kibana index supported. now you can use index kibana-int-userA for user A and kibana-int-userB for user B
  • Inspired by and based on kibana-proxy, most of the proxy libraries were written by them, thanks:)

We NO LONGER support third-party plugins such as Bigdesk or Head since it's hard to test and maintain


It's just a standard nodejs application, you could install it in the same server with ES, or not. Before run the following commands, please make sure you have nodejs and npm well installed.

# git clone
# cd kibana-authentication-proxy/
# git submodule init
# git submodule update
# npm install

// You may want to update the built-in kibana3 to the latest version, just run
# cd kibana && git checkout master && git pull

// Then edit config.js, make sure you have everything checked in the config file
// and run!
# node app.js


All settings are placed in /config.js, hack it as you go.

Elasticsearch backend configurations

  • es_host: The host of ElasticSearch
  • es_port: The port of ElasticSearch
  • es_using_ssl: If the ES is using SSL(https)?
  • es_username: (optional) The basic authentication user of ES server, leave it blank if no basic auth applied
  • es_password: (optional) The password of basic authentication of ES server, leave it blank if no basic auth applied

Client settings

  • listen_port: The listen port of kibana3
  • brower_cache_maxage: The browser cache max-Age controll, for a better loading speed
  • enable_ssl_port: Enable SSL or not?
  • listen_port_ssl: If enable_ssl_port set to true, this is the port of SSL
  • ssl_key_file: Point to the ssl key file
  • ssl_cert_file: Point to the ssl certification file
  • kibana_es_index: The ES index for saving kibana dashboards, now per-user configurations supported. using %user% instead of the username
  • which_auth_type_for_kibana_index: Where the variable %user% comes from? which authentication type you want to use for it?
  • cookie_secret: The secret token for cookies. replace it with a random string for security

Client authentication settings

We currently support 3 auth methods: Google OAuth2, BasicAuth and CAS, you can use one of them or all of them. it depends on the configuration you have.

1. Google OAuth2

  • enable_google_oauth: Enable or not?
  • client_id: The client ID of Google OAuth2, leave empty if you don't want to use it
  • client_secret: The client secret of Google OAuth2
  • allowed_emails: An emails list for the authorized users, should like ["", "*", "*"]. All google users in the list will be allowed to access kibana.


Google OAuth2 needs authorized redirect URIs for your app, please add it first as below, http://YOUR-KIBANA-SITE:[listen_port]/auth/google/callback in production or http://localhost:[listen_port]/auth/google/callback for local test

2. Basic Authentication

  • enable_basic_auth: Enable or not?
  • basic_auth_users: A list of user/passwd, see the comments in config.js for help. leave empty if you won't use it

3. CAS Auth

  • enable_cas_auth: Enable or not?
  • cas_server_url: Point to the CAS server URL



  • Fork it
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  • Create new Pull Request


  • Per-user kibana index supported
  • Fixed bug: Deprecated function alert of connect3
  • Added basic auth
  • Fixed bug: use new config for kibana3
  • Initial


kibana Authentication Proxy is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2013 Fang Li, Funplus Game

See LICENCE for details.