@fanglingsu fanglingsu released this Jun 16, 2018 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Allow basic motion commands for hinting too.
  • Show the numbers of search matches in status bar.
  • Show dialog if the page makes a permission request e.g. gelocation to allow
    the user to make a decission.
  • new Setting show-titlebar to toggle window decorations.


  • Use sqlite as cookie storage #470 to prevent cookies lost on running many
    vimb instances.
  • Start vimb with maximized window #483.
  • Hints are now styled based on the vimbhint attributes. The old additional set
    classes are not set anymore to the hints. So customized css for the hints have
    to be adapted to this.
  • Element ID is stored in case the editor was spawned. So it's now possible to
    start the editor, load another page, come back and paste the edotor contents
    (thanks to Sven Speckmaier).


  • Fixed none cleaned webextension object files on make clean.
  • Remove none used gui styling for completion.


  • Removed webkit1 combat code.

Change summary

    44  Daniel Carl
     5  George Bateman
     6  Sven Speckmaier
     1  Yutao Yuan