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  • Allow to change following webkit settings during runtime
    • allow-file-access-from-file-urls
    • allow-universal-access-from-file-urls
  • Added #define CHECK_WEBEXTENSION_ON_STARTUP 1 to config.def.h to enable
    checks during runtime if the webextension file could be found. Hope that
    this helps user to fix compile/installation issues easier.
  • Re-Added support for page marks to jump around within long single pages by
    using names marks.
    Set a marks by m{a-z} in normal mode. Jump to marks by '{a-z}.
  • Re-Added gf to show page source (Thanks to Leonardo Taccari) #361.
    Webkit2 does not allow to show the page in the source view mode so the gf
    writes the HTML to a temporary files and opens it in the editor configured
    by :set editor-command=...


  • New created files in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vimb are generated with 0600
    permission to prevent cookies be observed on multi users systems. Existing
    files are not affected by this change. It's a good advice to change the
    permission of all the files in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vimb to 0600 by


  • Fixed missing dependency in Makefile which possibly caused broken builds
    (Thanks to Patrick Steinhardt).
  • Fixed weird scroll position values shown in scroll indicator on some pages #501.
  • Fixed wrong hint label position on xkcd.com #506.
  • Fixed wrong hint label position in case of hints within iframes.

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    14  Leonardo Taccari
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     1  Allan Wind
     1  Konst Mayer
     1  Patrick Steinhardt