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Bugbuzz - easy to use online debugger

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Bugbuzz demo

Relative projects

Dashboard shortcuts

Vim style shortcuts

  • C Continue
  • H Return
  • J Next
  • L Step


pip install bugbuzz

then insert following lines in your code to debug

import bugbuzz; bugbuzz.set_trace()

Security concerns

As bugbuzz providing debugging in a software-as-service manner, all source code and local variables needed will be uploaded to the server. When a debugging session created, a random secret access key will be generated, and used for encryping all source code and local variables. The access key will be passed to dashboard as a part of hash tag like this<ACCESS KEY>

With the access key, the Ember.js dashboard app can then decrypt the source code and local variables downloaded from the server. As the access key is passed as part of hash in the URL, the server cannot see it, without the access key, your source code and local variables are not visible by the server.

For more details about security topic, you can also read my article Anonymous computing: Peer-to-peer encryption with Ember.js.

Run demo

To run our demo

git clone --recursive

install the project

virtualenv --no-site-packages .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install -e .

and dependency used in the

pip install requests



It will open a new tab in your browser for debugging.

Run with local API server and dashboard instead

By default, bugbuzz uses as the API server and as the dashboard. To change this behavior, you can specify environment variables

  • BUGBUZZ_API: URL for the API server
  • BUGBUZZ_DASHBOARD: URL for the dashboard

For example, you are running API server and the dashboard locally at http://localhost:9090 and http://localhost:4200, then you can run bugbuzz like this

BUGBUZZ_API='http://localhost:9090' BUGBUZZ_DASHBOARD='http://localhost:4200' python


This is just a prototype, use it at your own risk


Fall in love with debugging




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