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Dropping the unicode2native() since Matlab uses the first 65536 unicode points internally (see http://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/63980-how-to-access-unicode-strings-through-mex-engine-c-interfaces)

Also, caching isOctave() into a private function, which would eventually help to disentangle things in the future (i.e. drop global variables) and gain more speedup.

On my system valid_field() executes in about 4 seconds instead of 20, i.e. a 5x speedup.

fangq commented Jan 22, 2016

sorry for the delay in responding to this pull request. I am curious, how much improvement did you get by moving isoct to a separate function? also, do you know if the changes are compatible with octave (3.2 and later)?


I got approximately a 2x speedup, but I would stress that the purpose of the function is to introduce a layer between the implementation and cross platform compatibility.

It should be comaptible with Octave but I have not tested. I looked up that the functions I used are also supported by Octave. Support back to version 3.2, can't be sure.

I am currently a bit short on time, so dont know when ill get a chance to check that out.

Also, since R2015a there is undocumented support for matlab.internal.webservices.toJSON() and matlab.internal.webservices.fromJSON().

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