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@fangq fangq released this May 6, 2019 · 64 commits to master since this release

JSONlab ChangeLog (key features marked by *):

== JSONlab 1.9 (codename: Magnus - alpha), FangQ <q.fang> ==

2019-05-06 [25ad795] unescape strings in loadjson.m
2019-05-04 [2e317c9] explain extra compression fields
2019-05-02 [1b1be65] avoid side effect of removing singletarray
2019-05-02*[8360fd1] support zmat based base64 encoding and decoding
2019-05-01*[c797bb2] integrating zmat, for zlib/gzip data compression
2019-04-29 [70551fe] remove warnings from matlab
2019-04-28 [0d61c4b] complete data compression support, close #52
2019-04-27 [804115b] avoid typecast error
2019-04-27 [c166aa7] change default compressarraysize to 100
2019-04-27*[3322f6f] major new feature: support array compression and decompression
2019-03-13*[9c01046] support saving function handles, close #51
2019-03-13 [a8fde38] add option to parse string array or convert to char, close #50
2019-03-12 [ed2645e] treat string array as cell array in newer matlab
2018-11-18 [c3eb021] allow saving uint64 integers in saveubjson, fix #49

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