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.NET Core SDK CLI Helpers


dotnet sdk [command]
dotnet sdk [version]
dotnet sdk get [version] [platform]
Command Description
dotnet sdk [version] Switches to the [version] of .NET Core SDK version
dotnet sdk latest Switches to the latest .NET Core SDK version
dotnet sdk list Lists all installed .NET Core SDKs
dotnet sdk releases Lists all available releases of .NET Core SDKs
dotnet sdk get [version] [platform] Downloads the provided release version & platform. ('' or 'latest' for the latest release. Default platform is win-x64)
dotnet sdk help Display help

Installing the helpers


  1. Clone or download the repo on a desired location
  2. From within Administrator CMD prompt, run dotnet .net


  1. Download dotnet-sdk script and set its executable bit with chmod +x dotnet-sdk.
  2. Create a symbolic link to it in /usr/local/bin using the command ln -s \<full_path\>/dotnet-sdk /usr/local/bin/.

This will make it possible to invoke the command using the dotnet sdk syntax.

Troubleshooting installation of helpers


If the following message appears when running from an administrator command prompt

WARNING: The data being saved is truncated to 1024 characters. 
SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.                            
  1. Edit the Path system variable manually and add the path that contains the cloned repository to it. E.g. if this repo was cloned at C:\Projects\dotnet-sdk-helpers, then this should be added to Path
  2. Relaunch any open command shells. Alternatively, if chocolatey is installed, type refreshenv and press enter.