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Trans Changelog
* 90310
Release: AI named FanAI
Feature: Using road vehicle for servicing industries
* 90312
Fix: Sleep value should be at least 1
Fix: some typos
Fix: forget to remark un-finished generator code
Fix: Road Station Heading & Building (Join Distance Station)
Fix: even handler on vehicle lost and unprofitable
Fix: adust some operational parameter.
* 090318
Fix: adjust some operating parameters
Fix: road station building, now use AITileList_IndustryProducing/Accepting
Fix: Vehicle group name have leading zero if it is below 10 (some one PM-me about this issue)
Fix: Better handling on vehicle unprofitable (after AIOrdr.SkipToOrder is available)
Feature: Use conditional order to prevent congestion (experimental)
* 090417
Release: AI name change to Trans
Feature: Add depot near destination
Feature: Conditional Order for servicing on destination depot if required.
Feature: Try to rename Drop Off Station (1, 2, ...)
Feature: Try to handle Industry -> Town cargo (water, good, food)
Feature: Try to support save / load (known problem : not work in the middle of building station/depot)
Feature: Try to use train for servicing, if failed fall back to road vehicle
Feature: Detect a number of vehicle in front off station and inside rail depot
Feature: Add a little bit randomization to allow run with same instance
Feature: Try to implement "be nice" (to SirkoZ)
Feature: Simple Flattening land to build rail station
Feature: Support New GRF for Rail Stations
Feature: Try to replace vehicle after 2 year
Feature: More event handling
Remove: Conditional order on loading
Codechange: recode the service generator
Codechange: Aystar.5 and BinaryHeap.1 not included anymore
Fix: Loading save game will not try to rename President Name anymore
Fix: Un-grouped vehicle now moved to its group
Fix: Add vehicle to station by cargo waiting
Fix: Train can't detect whether the second line has been built or not
Fix: Typos in rail pathfinder
Docs: (re)write more documentation
* 090418
Fix: Typos in vehicle detection
Fix: Use combo type signal on rail station instead of exit type to make the train waiting inside of depot.
Fix: wrong calculation of the signal positioning
Fix: Build signal on existing signal will cycle signal type, so must do detect it before build.
Fix: Issue with send vehicle to depot. (hope it fine now)
Fix: Adjust rail path finder penalty
Fix: Combo signal has a 'feature', fall back to exit signal, and add entry signal too.
Fix: Un-grouped vehicle after replacement now bounded to it group again
* 090420
Fix: Crash with tile not exist (happened if found unused station)
Fix: Rail that came from the tile exactly beside of depot now redirected to come from in front of depot instead
Feature: Check the rail connection (you may seen "null" sign walking)
Feature: Building Head quarter is now randomized
* 090426
Fix: Adjusted several operating parameters.
Fix: index "loco_len" does not exist
* 090619
Feature: Actually check OTTD version. It is required at least minor ver 7 and build 1 (0.7.1) or rev16537
Feature: Using Task management.
Fix: rail pathfinder, so you may not seen again an old-AI-style rail route
Feature: Improvement in many areas (included but not limited to): cargo, industries, towns, and vehicles handling.
* 090713
Feature: Using Small rail station 1x3
Feature: Using Path Based Signal
Feature: Adjustable AI run parameter
Fix: Make a more robust vehicle management
* 090819
Fix: Crash on un-managed TestMode
Fix: Wrong "last_transport" setting
Fix: Error type while Save/Loading Station manager
* 090823
Fix: Set to be compatible with 0.7.2
Fix: Use random name from AI ID
CodeChange: Optimize pathfinder
* 090824
Fix: Engine selection fail
Fix: [Road PF] avoid to build on rail track
Fix: [Rail PF] avoid to build on road track
* 090829
Codechange: Minimum OpenTTD version allowed was 7.2
Fix: Don't build unnecessary bridge
* 100228
Removed: Rail service
Feature: Aircraft (passenger only) service
Feature: Ship service
Feature: Tram service
* 100307
Fix: Invalidate engine on invalidated cargo
Fix: Pathfinder's
Fix: Water connector logic failed
Codechange: Road connector
Codechange: Air connector
Codechange: [Debug] Remove sign only if we've found the path
Codechange: CleanUp Unused code
Change: Update URL to download libraries that would needed to run Trans AI
Add: [Debug] more descriptive message
Add: [Debug] Remove Sign on successful build
Add: [Debug] show destination name
Add: [Debug] Build sign while pathfinding
* 130630
Feature: We have 14 name combination
Close #1643: Implement AI save/load
Fix : Updated to API 1.3
Fix: Don't crash on calling XRail class. It's there but not ready to handle rail vehicle yet
Codechange : Uses AILibrary : Common V.2 & List V.3
* 130711
Codechange : uses own heap
* 130722
Fix: Don't crash if no destination found (thanks to Steffl)
Fix : move to next cargo upon successful built
* 180411
Fixes: Not connecting air route with infrastructure maintenance setting activated. Thanks Steffl
Fixes: crashes with Modulo by Zero error when trying to place an HQ while being Company #1 (0 in code). Thanks xarick
Fixes: Crashed due to return value of a function is neither bool nor integer, when being used as Valuator. Thanks xarick
Fixes: AI forced to be stopped due to it took too long to save. Thanks xarick
* 180506
General: Moving repository to git and uses GitHub as issue tracker
Bundling: Now using PowerShell script to bundling package for Bananas
CodeChange: General Pathfinder Optimization
CodeChange: General code CleanUp
Codechange:[Load/Save]:Refactoring service route table
Codechange: Optimize water pathfinder for buoys
Feature: Trans.Rail is back online (alpha stage). Right now we only support for running one train
Feature: Trans.Water now can build buoys
Feature: Closing route if it was not producing/accepting anymore
Feature: If infrastructure maintenance activated in game, we would close the aircraft route
Feature: [Debug] Add option to "break" in game
Feature: [Debug] Make a distinct between build sign for path finding and other sign
Fixes:[Save] max. 25 levels deep
Fixes: Do not deleting station if being used by other route
Fixes:Find nearby depot should be reachable (now for Road & Water)
Fixes:Checking AITile.HasTransportType should be done on next iteration
Fixes: Build depot for water now inline
Fixes: Put a limit distance to find a depot
* 180622
General: Code refactoring, simplify, cleanups, etc..
Feature: Trans.Rail now could handle two train on single track
Feature: Trans.Rail now could handle more train on double track
Feature: Trans.Rail will try to build the second track
Feature:[Station] Uses Dual line Terminus station
Feature:[Station] Rail station direction now determined by distance
Feature:[Rail] Build signal between depots/station
Feature: Continue building current train route if loaded from a save game
Add: Build rail depot within station
Add:[PF] Rail path tracker - check connectivity
Add:[Station] Check if tile is buildable before build station
Add:[Save]-able progress of building route
Fixes:[PF] Rail PT cannot detect existing bridge/tunnel
Fixes: GetReplacement() should build a replacement vehicle
Fixes: Save the route built state
Fixes: Don't build station entry if not built station
Fixes: Re-order priority for closing route and adding vehicle
Fixes: Don't crash if got an invalid industry ID
Fixes: Don't Crash if only have one depot
Fixes: Don't crash if Airport first tiles was hangar. (When uses heliport depot type airport)
Fixes: Don't go thru back of rail signal
Fixes: Crash due to no start/end point saved
Fixes: Build rail depot on the same level
Fixes: Rail not removed if depot is not built near station
Changes: Raise up limit for vehicle registration once
Change: Add track type to create unique key
Change: Goto depot is not mandatory
Change: Limit iteration steps used by pathfinder
Change: Set default processing speed to normal
Change: Don't keep Station when removing Rail Station
* 190402
Fixes: Not build rail depot if cant build it entry
Fixes: Prevent excessive CPU usage in valuator function
Fixes: index info not found inside valuator
* 190506
Fixes: Return value of valuator is not valid (not integer/bool)
Feature: Add ability to use Town Actions and option to disable it
Change: Uses modified Fibonacci Heap from library for pathfinding.
Change: TransHeap class now become ListSorter.
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