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AutoAdminGis is a CMS for geographic and geometric data. Design your databases freely, install this extension and operate with GEO data with pleasure: type coordinates from keyboard or visually edit shapes right on map!

This is an extensions for AutoAdmin CMS framework (that, in it's turn, is a base Yii extension).



Yii 1.1 or above (requires jQuery 1.7.1 or above).

Yii AutoAdmin Extension.

AutoAdminGis based on GIS Spatial data model and requires supporting of spatial data in your DB. It was tested on MySQL and PostgreSQL (with PostGIS extension) databases. But it should work on SQL Server and Oracle platforms as well.

To operate with shapes on map you have to have an internet connection (to connect with Google Maps server).


  1. Install the Yii AutoAdmin Extension.
  2. Edit the config: add the extension in AutoAdmin module section (see below).
  3. Design your DB interfaces basing on AutoAdmin standarts.

Yii config setup

In AutoAdmin module section set add necessary parameters:

$main['modules'] = array(
		'extensions' => array(
			'Gis' => array(
				'srid' => 4326,	//classic GPS coordinates (WGS84 geodesic system)


Geo point interface

public function actionRuevents()
			array('title', 'string', 'What happened', array('show')),
			array('when_happened', 'date', 'When happened', array('show')),
			array('place', 'GisPoint', 'Where happened', array('show', 'null'))
	$this->pageTitle = 'Russian historical events';

Illustration of geo point interface

Geo polygon interface

public function actionParanormals()
			array('title', 'string', 'Phenomena', array('show')),
			array('zone', 'GisPolygon', 'Zone', array('show')),
	$this->pageTitle = 'World paranormal zones';

Illustration of geo polygon interface

Geo line interface

public function actionExpeditions()
			array('title', 'string', 'Voyage', array('show')),
			array('route', 'gislinestring', 'Route', array('show', 'options'=>array('showCoords'=>false)))
	$this->pageTitle = 'Famous historical expeditions';

Illustration of geo polyline interface

Field types

You can easily develope custom field types. A Field class have to inherite AAField and redefine methods you want to make custom.

AutoAdminGis currently operates only with plain objects and doesn't support multi-shapes for a while. Now it includes the following spatial types:


Standart geometrical points. Usually corresponds to POINT SQL type.

You may input coordinates manually or indicate points on map.


Standart geometrical polylines. Usually corresponds to LINESTRING SQL type.

You may input coordinates manually or indicate path on map.


Standart geometrical polygones. Usually corresponds to POLYGON SQL type.

You may input coordinates manually or indicate polygon on map, using multi-vertex polygon and rectangle tools.

Supported languages

English, russian.