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Pyright extension for coc.nvim, with additional features:

  • semanticTokens highlighting!
  • inlayHints supports
  • codeActions to add imports, ignore typing check, run tests and more
  • linting with bandit, flake8, mypy, ruff, prospector, pycodestyle, pydocstyle, pyflakes, pylama, pylint, pytype
  • formatting with ruff, yapf, black, autopep8, darker, blackd, pyink
  • testing with unittest or pytest, supports codeLens
  • sort imports with ruff, isort and pyright
  • extract method and variables with rope


:CocInstall coc-pyright

Note: Pyright may not work as expected if can't detect project root correctly, check #521 and Using workspaceFolders in coc.nvim.


  • python.runLinting: Run linting
  • python.sortImports: Sort imports by isort or ruff
  • pyright.version: Show the currently used Pyright version
  • pyright.organizeimports: Organize imports by Pyright
  • pyright.restartserver: This command forces the type checker to discard all of its cached type information and restart analysis. It is useful in cases where new type stubs or libraries have been installed.
  • pyright.createtypestub: Creates Type Stubs with given module name, for example :CocCommand pyright.createtypestub numpy
  • pyright.fileTest: Run test for current test file
  • pyright.singleTest: Run test for single nearest test


These configurations are used by coc-pyright, you need to set them in your coc-settings.json.

Configuration Description Default
pyright.enable Enable coc-pyright extension true
python.analysis.autoImportCompletions Determines whether pyright offers auto-import completions true
python.analysis.autoSearchPaths Automatically add common search paths like 'src' true
python.analysis.diagnosticMode Analyzes and reports errors for open only or all files in workspace openFilesOnly
python.analysis.stubPath Path to directory containing custom type stub files typings
python.analysis.typeshedPaths Paths to look for typeshed modules []
python.analysis.diagnosticSeverityOverrides Override the severity levels for individual diagnostics {}
python.analysis.typeCheckingMode Defines the default rule set for type checking basic
python.analysis.useLibraryCodeForTypes Use library implementations to extract type information true
python.pythonPath Path to Python python
python.venvPath Path to folder with a list of Virtual Environments ""
python.formatting.provider Provider for formatting autopep8
python.formatting.blackPath Custom path to black black
python.formatting.blackArgs Arguments passed to black []
python.formatting.darkerPath Custom path to darker darker
python.formatting.darkerArgs Arguments passed to darker []
python.formatting.pyinkPath Custom path to pyink pyink
python.formatting.pyinkArgs Arguments passed to pyink []
python.formatting.blackdPath Custom path to blackd blackd
python.formatting.blackdHTTPURL Custom blackd server url ""
python.formatting.blackdHTTPHeaders Custom blackd request headers {}
python.formatting.yapfPath Custom path to yapf yapf
python.formatting.yapfArgs Arguments passed to yapf []
python.formatting.autopep8Path Custom path to autopep8 autopep8
python.formatting.autopep8Args Arguments passed to autopep8 []
python.linting.enabled Whether to lint Python files with external linters true
python.linting.flake8Enabled Whether to lint with flake8 false
python.linting.banditEnabled Whether to lint with bandit false
python.linting.mypyEnabled Whether to lint with mypy false
python.linting.ruffEnabled Whether to lint with ruff false
python.linting.pytypeEnabled Whether to lint with pytype false
python.linting.pycodestyleEnabled Whether to lint with pycodestyle false
python.linting.prospectorEnabled Whether to lint with prospector false
python.linting.pydocstyleEnabled Whether to lint with pydocstyle false
python.linting.pylamaEnabled Whether to lint with pylama false
python.linting.pylintEnabled Whether to lint with pylint false
python.linting.pyflakesEnabled Whether to lint with pyflakes false
python.sortImports.path Path to isort script, default using inner version ''
python.sortImports.args Arguments passed to isort []
pyright.server Custom pyright-langserver path ''
pyright.disableCompletion Disables completion from Pyright false
pyright.disableDiagnostics Disable diagnostics from Pyright false
pyright.disableDocumentation Disables hover documentation from Pyright false
pyright.disableProgressNotifications Disable the initialization and workdone progress notifications false
pyright.completion.importSupport Enable python-import completion source support true
pyright.completion.snippetSupport Enable completion snippets support true
pyright.organizeimports.provider Organize imports provider, pyright, ruff or isort pyright
pyright.inlayHints.functionReturnTypes Enable inlay hints for function return types true
pyright.inlayHints.variableTypes Enable inlay hints for variable types true
pyright.inlayHints.parameterTypes Enable inlay hints for parameter types true
pyright.testing.provider Provider for testing, supports unittest and pytest unittest
pyright.testing.unittestArgs Arguments passed to unittest []
pyright.testing.pytestArgs Arguments passed to pytest []

Additional configuration options can be found in package.json.


Pyright supports pyrightconfig.json that provide granular control over settings.

Python typing and stub files

To provide best experience, Pyright requires packages to be type annotated and/or have stub files. The Python community is currently in a transition phase where package authors are actively looking to provide that. Meanwhile, stub files for well-known packages may also be obtained from 3rd party, for example:

Conda setup

  1. Create the following file:

    python "$@"
  2. Make it executable: chmod +x $path

  3. Set python.pythonPath in your coc-settings.json: "python.pythonPath": "<PUT PATH HERE>"

  4. Activate the environment before starting vim

This way python from your currently activated environment will be used

My Workflow with Pyright

  1. create venv in project: python3 -m venv .venv
  2. source .venv/bin/activate
  3. install modules with pip and work with Pyright
  4. deactivate



This extension is built with create-coc-extension