torsniff - a sniffer that sniffs torrents from BitTorrent network
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torsniff - a sniffer that sniffs torrents from BitTorrent network

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torsniff is a torrent sniffer, it sniffs torrents that people are using to download movies, music, docs, games and so on from BitTorrent network.

A torrent has valuable information, so you can use torsniff to build your own torrent database(e.g: The Pirate Bay), or to do data mining and analyzing.


Just download latest torsniff from releases directly.


$ ./torsniff -h

  torsniff [flags]

  -a, --addr string        listen on given address (default "")
  -d, --dir string         the directory to store the torrents (default "$HOME/torrents")
  -h, --help               help for torsniff
  -f, --friends int        max fiends to make with per second (default 500)
  -e, --peers int          max peers to connect to download torrents (default 400)
  -p, --port uint16        listen on given port (default 6881)
  -t, --timeout duration   max time allowed for downloading torrents (default 10s)
  -v, --verbose            run in verbose mode (default true)

Quick start

Use default flags:



  • A host having a public IP(recommended), or UDP port forwarding/port mapping in private network/NAT
  • Allow UDP traffic get through firewall
  • Your ISP/Hosting Provider allows BitTorrent traffic(torsniff works on