torsniff - a sniffer fetching torrents from BitTorrent network
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torsniff - a sniffer fetching torrents from BitTorrent network

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torsniff is a torrent sniffer, it fetches torrents that people are using to download moives, music, docs, games and so on from the BitTorrent network.

A tottent have valuable infomation, so you can use torsniff to build your own torrent database(e.g: The Pirate Bay), or to do data mining and analyzing.


Just download torsniff from releases directly. If you want to install from compiling source code, you figure out the way by yourslef. :)


$ ./torsniff -h

  torsniff [flags]

  -a, --addr string        listen on given address (default "")
  -d, --dir string         the directory to store the torrents (default "$HOME/torrents")
  -h, --help               help for torsniff
  -f, --maxFriends int     max fiends to make with per second (default 500)
  -e, --peers int          max peers(TCP) to connect to download torrents (default 400)
  -p, --port int16         listen on given port (default 6881)
  -t, --timeout duration   max time allowed for downloading torrents (default 10s)
  -v, --verbose            run in verbose mode (default true)

Quick start

Use default flags:



A host having a public IP, or UDP port forwarding in private network.