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Gitian Building

Bitcoin Core releases were previously reproducibly built using Gitian Builder.

brew install coreutils

Gitian-builder needs sha256sum, which doesn't exist on macOS:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/gsha256sum /usr/local/bin/sha256sum
brew cask install docker

Once Docker is installed, open the .app binary at least once. This is required so it can request and setup the neccessary permissions.
You might also want to give Docker access to more CPUs, RAM etc.
Go to Preferences -> Advanced and allocate as required.


mkdir gitian-building
pushd gitian-building

Fork and clone a copy of the gitian.sigs repo:

# After "forking" on GitHub
git clone

Clone the other required repositories:

git clone
git clone
git clone

Create the base VMs used for gitian-building:

pushd gitian-builder
bin/make-base-vm --suite focal --arch amd64 --docker # For building 22.0 (master)
bin/make-base-vm --suite bionic --arch amd64 --docker # For building 0.17 - 0.21
bin/make-base-vm --suite trusty --arch amd64 --docker # For building 0.15 & 0.16

Fetch Gitian Inputs

export VERSION=0.21.1
export SIGNER=your_username
export USE_DOCKER=1

pushd gitian.sigs
git checkout -b ${SIGNER}_${VERSION}

pushd bitcoin
git checkout v${VERSION}

pushd gitian-builder
make -C ../bitcoin/depends download SOURCES_PATH=`pwd`/cache/common
mkdir -p inputs
wget -P inputs

If you want to gitian build for macOS, you'll need to get hold of the macOS SDK.

You can read the documentation here about how to create it.

Once you have Xcode-11.3.1-11C505-extracted-SDK-with-libcxx-headers.tar.gz, place it in gitian-builder/inputs/.

Build Unsigned Sigs

Adjust num-make and memory as needed.

# Linux
bin/gbuild --num-make 8 --memory 4000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-linux --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/src/bitcoin-*.tar.gz ../

# Windows
bin/gbuild --num-make 8 --memory 4000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-win-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-win-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-win-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.zip build/out/bitcoin-*.exe ../

# macOS
bin/gbuild --num-make 8 --memory 4000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-osx-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-osx-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/bitcoin-*.dmg ../

Commit Unsigned Sigs

pushd gitian.sigs
git add .
git commit -m "$SIGNER $VERSION unsigned sigs"
git push origin ${SIGNER}_${VERSION}

Build Signed Sigs

Signed signatures can be built once the detached sigs are available in the detached-sigs repo.


pushd gitian-builder
bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-osx-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-osx-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-osx-signed.dmg ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-osx.dmg


bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-win-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-win-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*win64-setup.exe ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-win64-setup.exe

Commit Signed Sigs

pushd gitian.sigs
git add .
git commit -m "$SIGNER $VERSION signed sigs"
git push origin ${SIGNER}_${VERSION}

Done 🍻


Follow build progress using:

pushd gitian-builder
tail -f var/install.log # Setup
tail -f var/build.log # Building dependencies and Core

The first time depends is built for a new version, it can take a long time, as dependencies are being built for all architectures and operating systems. Subsequent builds will be much faster, as only Bitcoin Core is being compiled.

Once-off builds

You can invoke once off builds using:

pushd gitian-builder

env USE_DOCKER=1 ./bin/gbuild -j8 -m 6000 \
--commit bitcoin=79218eae27f62e246d52dc6cda4e8846293e1c8e \
--url bitcoin=path/to/bitcoin \

Useful for testing PRs like #17787.

Add CI=1 if you want more verbosity.