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A blog built with ASP.NET Core and Vue.js
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A simple and elegant blog.

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Please check out the Wiki for details.

Blog Infrastructure Libs / Frameworks
Autosave draft Caching ASP.NET Core
Categories, Tags Error Handling AutoMapper
Comments (Disqus) Image Resizing Bootstrap4
Google Analytics Logging (File, Seq, ApplicationInsights) CKEditor5
Media Gallery MetaWeblog API Entity Framework Core
Open Live Writer Settings FluentValidation
Preferred Domain Storage (File System, Azure Blob Storage) HtmlAgilityPack
RSS Testing (Unit, Integration) Magick.NET
SEO-Friendly URLs Validation Moq
Shortcodes Serilog
Site Setup Vue.js
Users Vuetify.js

Quick Start

Fanray v2.0 runs on .NET Core 2.1 and SQL Server. Any of the free SQL Server editions, LocalDB, Express, Developer will be sufficient.

Clone the repo then run from either VS2017 or command line.

  • VS2017: open Fanray.sln, make sure Fan.Web is the startup project, ctrl + F5
  • Command line: do the following, then go to https://localhost:5001
cd <sln folder>
dotnet restore
cd src/Fan.Web
dotnet run

Database is created for you on app initial launch. Below is the default connection string, to adjust it go to appsettings.json

"ConnectionStrings": {
  "DefaultConnection": "Server=(localdb)\\MSSQLLocalDB;Database=Fanray;Trusted_Connection=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"

The blog setup page will show up on initial launch, simply fill the form out and create your blog.


Fanray is in its early stages and requires support to move ahead. The simplest way to contribute is just to use the app and give feedback. If you are interested in joining the development please check out the Contributing Guide and Roadmap. Let me know what you think on twitter @fanraymedia or gitter.


Thank you for your support! Your contribution will help me put more time into the project.

Buy Me A Coffee


Apache 2.0

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