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Fantastic Kit 🔥🔥🔥

Shameless cheap knock off version of Shopify internal developer tool dev.

Command line utility fk (stands for Fantastic Kit)

fk provides some useful commands that increase developers productivity. fk assumes all git source directory locate at $HOME/src/



Run curl | bash


Install fantastic kit using fisher. Run fisher add fantastic-kit/fantastic-kit

The fish flavour does not support all the features, but they're going to be implemented soon. Currently, fish supports:

  • fk cd
  • fk clone
  • fk pr

Built-in commands

fk cd

cd into a project located in $HOME/src/, also supports zsh-autosuggest prompt.

fk clone

git clone a repository from github into $HOME/src/ and cd into the project directory. It reads from .gitconfig for username for github.

Cloning your own repository

fk clone <my-own-repo>

Cloning someone else's public repo:

fk clone <git-username>/<repo-name>

fk pr

Open github PRs if opened inside a git directory if the current branch is not master branch.

fk pr

fk <custom-cmd>

Create kit.yml file at the root of the project. Add custom commands to commands section.

Example kit.yml: it compiles latex to pdf based on name of the subdirectory:

    run:  latexmk -pdf -pvc $(pwd | xargs basename).tex
    desc: compiling latex file to pdf on change

Then you can just run fk latex anywhere inside the root directory where kit.yml is located.

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