Fantasyland Institute Code of Professionalism (FCOP) — A code of conduct for professional communities.
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The home of FCOP, a code of conduct for professional communities.

Please use this repository to submit issues and pull requests.


Every community makes decisions about for whom to allow participation and about what types of behavior they permit. Codes of Conduct (COCs) attempt to codify these decisions so that participants have a better understanding of what communities expect from them, and of what they guarantee to them, and so community members can hold leadership accountable to their stated commitments.

FCOP is a code of conduct designed specifically for professional communities. Professional communities, unlike social communities, political communities, religious communities, and support groups, exist to serve a professional agenda, not a social, political, religious or personal one.

Professional communities are inclusive and diverse. They do not take sides in religious or political matters. Above all, they are focused on ensuring that all civil individuals can come together and work productively in an environment that upholds the highest standards of professionalism, regardless of any differences between members that are inherent to pluralistic societies.

FCOP works well for professional events, educational events, conferences, open source projects, and other ad hoc, open communities that are squarely focused on professional goals.

To adopt FCOP in your professional community, you must pledge to uphold FCOP in your community and satisfy your obligations as described in FCOP. As part of adopting FCOP, you may reproduce the text of in any format you desire, or simply link to this repository with FCOP large badge, or the FCOP small badge.

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