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Fantom Programming Language

Fantom is a portable language that runs on the JVM and modern web browsers. It features a familiar Java-like syntax, static (and dynamic) typing, elegant system library, closures, immutability, actor concurrency, and much more.

// Hello from Fantom!
class HelloWorld
  static Void main()
    echo("Hello, World!")

Fantom Website


Download the latest official release from See Setup for installation details.

Installers are also available for macOS and Windows:

  • macOS: brew install fantom
  • Windows: installer


This repo vends a docker image that can be downloaded and run locally using:

docker run -it bash

It can be used in other dockerfiles using the FROM command:

FROM AS build


We are most active on the Forum, but also hang out on Slack.

Bugs and feature requests should be reported on the Forum.


See for how to contribute to Fantom.