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If you are new to GitHub, pull requests, or just curious to learn more about the process, check out the Collaboration chapter by GitHub.

Opening a Pull Request

  1. Fork the fantom repo and clone to your local system:

    git clone<YOUR_USERNAME>/fantom
  2. Create a new branch for your patch:

    git checkout -b <YOUR_BRANCH_NAME> origin/master
  3. Commit your changes:

    git add <filename>
    git commit -m "<message>"
  4. Push branch to your forked repo:

    git push origin <YOUR_BRANCH_NAME>
  5. Open a PR. Goto<YOUR_USERNAME>/fantom and find the green button to create a pull request.

  6. Respond to feedback from maintainers, which may involve pushing additional commits to your PR branch.

  7. After your PR has been accepted and merged, you can delete the branch:

    git branch -D <branch-name>       # delete local branch
    git push origin -d <branch-name>  # delete remote branch