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  1. Get files to one doc. client.conf,,,,minivtun.
  2. Use -p mac,get ip-up,ip-down.
  3. chmod +x ip-up ip-down minivitun.
  4. Editclient.conf.
  5. sudo sh to start,sudo sh stop to stop.


  1. Get,speederv2.conf to the doc.
  2. Get static binary from to the doc.
  3. Edit speederv2.conf,_open=1.
  4. _port="your UDPspeeder server port",port="your minivtun port".
  5. server="you vps IP", _server="".
  6. sudo sh to start,sudo sh stop to stop.

Newifi_D2 Padavan PS4

  1. Download minivtun_padavan_mips.tar to /etc/storage.
  2. tar xf minivtun_padavan_mips.tar.
  3. Edit client.conf .
  4. chmod +x
  5. sh to start,sh stop to stop.
  6. PS4 links Newifi_D2,gateway is deafult gateway,ip is ${Speed_IP},DNS is
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