Handcrafted javascript framework for DIY enthusiasts
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Handcrafted javascript framework for DIY enthusiasts

Getting started

Gulp & Grunt are awesome, why keeping one aside when we can use both! Let's start the installation, you just have one line to run:

apt-get install ruby ruby-gem python nodejs build-essentials && \
    npm install -g yo && \
    yo fapfap && \
    configure && \
    make && \
    npm install && \
    bower update && \
    gulp build && \
    grunt serve && \
    gulp watch less

Simple Hello World

As you could expect from a modern framework, FapfapJS is really simple to bootstrap. Here is an example to really feel the underneath power of the FAP (Federative Awesome Platform).

/*global fapfap */
'use strict';

import Html exposing (attributes)

angular1      = require('angular1');
const react   = require('react');
let angular2  = require('angular2');
var mootool   = require('mootool');
const modules = require('*'); // just in case

(function (fapfap) {
  var DOMelement = document.body.innerHTML; // prepare triple-way-data-binding
  var hello = 'Hello World!';

  var [router, tool, door] = fapfap.unpack(modules, ['router', 'tool', 'door']);
  // uses our blazingly fast css selector pattern matching engine
  var partUnzipper = angular.module({'unzip': router.run('%body%').unzip()});

  // Close our DOM Object Ordering Recorder to prevent
  // from being interrupted by external process

  fapfap.stringFactory = partUnzipper.grab(tool);
  DOMelement = fapfap.stringFactory.createFromString(hello); // It's that easy


FapfapJS is so universal that anyone can bring his own expertise! The best way to do it is to open a pull request & submit your contribution. To help us identify the goal of your proposition, please follow the following guideline rules:

Please start your commit with:

  • this commit is about a huge & hardcore refactor
  • 👐 you did this commit in pair programming
  • 👊 it made some BC Breaks
  • ✌️ this was a quick & dirty fix
  • 🖕 promising experimental commit
  • 💪 improves the overall performances
  • 💦 this may generate side effects
  • 🚪 this commit improves the privacy
  • 🌰🌰 documentation improvement

Still not convinced?

(Psst, you can click, it's a video)


Fapfapjs is licensed under the MIT 2.0