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* `error` _String_ — Error message.
* `email` _String_ — Passed through from request.

### Match codes

All endpoints return a `match_code` of the form `oFLX`. Each letter stands for something.

* `F` — first name used
* `L` — last name used
* `P` — full name used
* `N` — nickname used (e.g. Bill matching to William)
* `E` — exact address used
* `X` — address prefix used (e.g., 123 N Blount St matching to 123 N Blount St Apt 403... it's a prefix)

The letters `i` (tight), `o` (default), and `a` (loose) refer to the match algorithm, but this can be seen more easily from the `match_algorithm` return value.


* `oP-E` — Default mode full name exact address match. "Seamus Abshere 1038 E Dayton St" matched "Shamus Abshere 1038 E Dayton St".
* `oFLX` — Default mode first and last name address prefix match. "Devin/Abshere 123 N Blount St" matched to "Devon/Abshere 123 N Blount Apt 403".
* `a-LX` — Loose mode last-name only prefix match. "Seamus Abshere 123 N Blount St" matched to "Devin Abshere 123 N Blount Apt 403".

## Copyright

Copyright 2019 Faraday

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