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Our commitment to transparency

We believe that valuable, high-quality carbon information must be transparently produced. {.intro}

Strategic open source

Open and closed software modules at Brighter Planet

  • For the carbon models, follow the links from CM1's models page.
  • The carbon models are executed using our Leap library.
  • For reference data resources, see our Earth library.
  • The reference data is gathered by the DataMiner engine.

The software responsible for calculating emissions estimates, from reference data parsers down through methodologies, is all open source.

Collaboration SDK


  • Interested developers can simulate the closed-source CM1 execution environment using our Sniff SDK.
  • Using Sniff allows developers to experiment with their proposed changes and ensure they pass Brighter Planet's test suite.

Equally important is giving fellow developers the means to collaboratively improve our software, especially our carbon models.

Downstream transparency

Downstream transparency

Our services always provide real-time visibility into how their open-source, collaboratively developed components are used to service your requests.