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awkward special handling of Numerics when encoding JSON #2

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in order to separate out units and properly encode numeric values into JSON i need hashes like this:

{ :carbon => { :value => 291092.22, :units => 'kilograms', :methodology => 'from_emissions_factor_blah_blah' } }

(note, among other things, no quotes around 291092.22 - it's a numeric)

i'm doing funky stuff like this...

def decisions
  reports.inject({}) do |memo, report|
    name =
    characteristic = emitter_instance.characteristics[name]
    value = characteristic.value
    memo[name] = {
      :value => value.is_a?(::Numeric) ? value : characteristic.to_s, # this is annoying because i'm subverting charisma...
      :units => characteristic.units,
      :methodology =>

the immediate alternative is calling #to_s and not trying to separate out values and units. this is annoying because on the other end i have (and every other client library) would have to regex stuff

"291092.22 kg" =~ /([\d\.]+) ([\w]+)/
value = $1.to_f
units = $2.to_s
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