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Material changes

  • Add energy content to AutomobileFuel (c0edd440e89bb201c37b449dbf0db8f3f5e69726)
  • Add hybridity and fuel code to AutomobileMakeModelYear (8d619575bc399b26abef16d4a033abb94fb9b60b)
  • Add European rail data (82d4a301f58012d38ca66a93a23703a41f5c2f94)
  • New seat class data (3e1bd6f4b41961f420a17aac566244054b0a790b)
  • Update curated airlines (4ded9ce3ce1485e1051da4b313b61e18d760229d)
  • Add US average eGRID region loss factor (a6c0176d9bb1b51c695d101513d1c32940c86e89)
  • Air improvements: ICAO data in CM1, fuzzy matching aircraft -> flight segment, fuel use data in AircraftFuelUseEquation, improve Airport and Aircraft import errata (6e2becd74c625905ae3ca40f0c0bd9b9fb652939)

Immaterial changes

  • New zipcode eGRID subregion data (ebbb08a5ffcc118f311d2fca61b7ce9e0c4d4c2d)
  • Allow users to input automobile 'make', 'model', and 'year' (97d793ea3de14a4e7eef0b0b4ca883011f52038e)
  • New 2010 FEG file (2c678d7d452da97b41bdf5311c399f7a84efe9cf)
  • New zipcode eGRID subregion data (a64add803285c836c03ed3f66f70bf6d3e4affc5)
  • Add 2011 FEG data (7c94ad50e53c6a064c862715c0afd5fdbd183873)
  • Revise computation data (4ced1779d2e45948143a84b2fc1699ef8d298d63)
  • New zipcode eGRID subregion data (af754e84468b47fa8fe7847072bd884a0c6a2b27)
  • Move some automobile data and fallbacks to Country (253215c0f914bc8bab31f64acdbfd3d7cecdd644)

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