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Etherpad Lite on Heroku

Forked from and tweaked to run on Heroku's Cedar stack.


$ git clone
Cloning into etherpad-lite-heroku...
$ cd etherpad-lite-heroku
$ heroku create my-very-own-etherpad --stack cedar
Creating my-very-own-etherpad... done, stack is cedar
$ heroku addons:add cleardb:ignite
----> Adding cleardb:ignite to my-very-own-etherpad... done, v2 (free)
$ heroku config:add ETHERPAD_KEY=AnythingYouWant
Adding config vars and restarting app... done, v3
$ git push heroku master
Counting objects: 6120, done.
$ heroku ps:scale web=1
Scaling web processes... done, now running 1
$ heroku open


$ heroku config:add ETHERPAD_DEFAULT_TEXT="Hello world"


Apache License v2

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