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-# v 1.0.1
-* Updated MySQL driver, this fixes some problems with mysql
-* Fixed export,import and timeslider link when embed parameters are used
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-# Our goal is to make collaborative editing the standard on the web
+# Etherpad Lite on Heroku
-# About
-Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad.
-We're reusing the well tested Etherpad easysync library to make it really realtime. Etherpad Lite
-is based on node.js ergo is much lighter and more stable than the original Etherpad. Our hope
-is that this will encourage more users to use and install a realtime collaborative editor. A smaller, manageable and well
-documented codebase makes it easier for developers to improve the code and contribute towards the project.
-Etherpad Lite is optimized to be easy embeddable. It provides a [HTTP API](
-that allows your web application to manage pads, users and groups.
-There are several clients in for this API:
-* [PHP](, thx to [TomNomNom](
-* [.Net](, thx to [ja-jo](
-* [Node.js](, thx to [tomassedovic](
-* [Ruby](, thx to [jhollinger](
-* [Python](, thx to [devjones](
-There is also a [jQuery plugin]( that helps you to embed Pads into your website
-**Online demo**<br>
-Visit <> to test it live
-Here is the **[FAQ](**
-# Etherpad vs Etherpad Lite
- <tr>
- <td>&nbsp;</td><td><b>Etherpad</b></td><td><b>Etherpad Lite</b></td>
- </tr>
- <tr>
- <td align="right">Size of the folder (without git history)</td><td>30 MB</td><td>1.5 MB</td>
- </tr>
- <tr>
- <td align="right">Languages used server side</td><td>Javascript (Rhino), Java, Scala</td><td>Javascript (node.js)</td>
- </tr>
- <tr>
- <td align="right">Lines of server side Javascript code</td><td>~101k</td><td>~9k</td>
- </tr>
- <tr>
- <td align="right">RAM Usage immediately after start</td><td>257 MB (grows to ~1GB)</td><td>16 MB (grows to ~30MB)</td>
- </tr>
-# Installation
-## Windows
-1. Download <>
-2. Extract the file
-3. Open the extracted folder and double click `start.bat`
-4. Open your web browser and browse to <http://localhost:9001>. You like it? Look at the 'Next Steps' section below
-## Linux
-**As root:**
- <li>Install the dependencies. We need gzip, git, curl, libssl develop libraries, python and gcc. <br><i>For Debian/Ubuntu</i> <code>apt-get install gzip git-core curl python libssl-dev pkg-config build-essential</code><br>
- <i>For Fedora/CentOS</i> <code>yum install gzip git-core curl python openssl-devel && yum groupinstall "Development Tools"</code>
- </li><br>
- <li>Install node.js
- <ol type="a">
- <li>Download the latest <b>0.6.x</b> node.js release from <a href=""></a></li>
- <li>Extract it with <code>tar xf node-v0.6*</code></li>
- <li>Move into the node folder <code>cd node-v0.6*</code> and build node with <code>./configure && make && make install</code></li>
- </ol>
- </li>
-**As any user (we recommend creating a separate user called etherpad-lite):**
-<ol start="3">
- <li>Move to a folder where you want to install Etherpad Lite. Clone the git repository <code>git clone 'git://'</code><br>&nbsp;</li>
- <li>Change into the directory containing the Etherpad Lite source code clone with <code>cd etherpad-lite</code><br> </li>
- <li>Install the dependencies with <code>bin/</code><br>&nbsp;</li>
- <li>Start it with <code>bin/</code><br>&nbsp;</li>
- <li>Open your web browser and visit <a href="http://localhost:9001">http://localhost:9001</a>. You like it? Look at the 'Next Steps' section below</li>
-## Next Steps
-You can modify the settings in the file `settings.json`
-If you have multiple settings files, you may pass one to `bin/` using the `-s|--settings` option. This allows you to run multiple Etherpad Lite instances from the same installation.
-You should use a dedicated database such as "mysql" if you are planning on using etherpad-lite in a production environment, the "dirty" database driver is only for testing and/or development purposes.
-You can update to the latest version with `git pull origin`. The next start with bin/ will update the dependencies
-Look at this wiki pages:
-* [How to deploy Etherpad Lite as a service](
-* [How to put Etherpad Lite behind a reverse Proxy](
-* [How to customize your Etherpad Lite installation](
-* [How to use Etherpad-Lite with jQuery](
-* [How to use Etherpad Lite with MySQL](
-* [Sites that run Etherpad Lite](
-* [How to migrate the database from Etherpad to Etherpad Lite](
-You can find more information in the [wiki]( Feel free to improve these wiki pages
-# Develop
-If you're new to git and github, start by watching [this video]( then read this [git guide](
-If you're new to node.js, start with this video <>.
-You can debug with `bin/`
-If you want to find out how Etherpads Easysync works (the library that makes it really realtime), start with this [PDF]( (complex, but worth reading).
-You know all this and just want to know how you can help? Look at the [TODO list](
-You can join the [mailinglist]( or go to the freenode irc channel [#etherpad-lite-dev](
-You also help the project, if you only host a Etherpad Lite instance and share your experience with us.
-Please consider using [jshint]( if you plan to
-contribute to Etherpad Lite.
-# Modules created for this project
-* [ueberDB]( "transforms every database into a object key value store" - manages all database access
-* [channels]( "Event channels in node.js" - ensures that ueberDB operations are atomic and in series for each key
-* [async-stacktrace]( "Improves node.js stacktraces and makes it easier to handle errors"
-# Donations
-* [Etherpad Foundation Flattr] (
-* [Paypal] ( <-- Click the donate button
+Forked from and tweaked to run on Heroku's Cedar stack.
# License
[Apache License v2](
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-cd node
-..\bin\node server.js
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