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Commits on Jul 18, 2012
@johndbritton johndbritton remove new pad button 24d8235
@johndbritton johndbritton add twitter signin c9e4d03
@johndbritton johndbritton disable api key check, TODO: disable distructive API methods a92dc5a
@johndbritton johndbritton add twitter anywhere and etherpad lite api integration 779764c
@johndbritton johndbritton fix sytnax error in call to $.get() c1cab34
@johndbritton johndbritton require valid session for accessing pads b7d06bc
@johndbritton johndbritton add jquery cookie a569751
@johndbritton johndbritton replace jquery.cookie.js with real lib file 775d1a4
@johndbritton johndbritton correct jquery.cookie.js url 41b169b
@johndbritton johndbritton getTime() is a method dc37fb6
@johndbritton johndbritton update default group ID afd9516
Commits on Jul 19, 2012
@johndbritton johndbritton add logging 3c90e76
@johndbritton johndbritton authorID is inside of "data" 382562a
@johndbritton johndbritton update security policy: if a pad doesn't exist session.groupID does n…
…ot need to match
@johndbritton johndbritton create new group pads via get request to the api 8089093
@johndbritton johndbritton fix redirect link c736fb9
@johndbritton johndbritton add handler after onReady 68d853f
@johndbritton johndbritton add groupid to url 64b4590
Commits on Jul 21, 2012
@johndbritton johndbritton disable group membership check in session security logic f2abdf1
@johndbritton johndbritton use createPad instead of createGroupPad e3add63
@johndbritton johndbritton remove group from sessions 5384a8e
@johndbritton johndbritton remove pad creation form 695298d
@johndbritton johndbritton serve pads at the top level 3e10dd5
@johndbritton johndbritton add twitter button / avatar to pad 689bef7
@johndbritton johndbritton fix css blocking click on twitter button a7ff4f8
@johndbritton johndbritton include jquery cookie on pad.html ec4dc7d
@johndbritton johndbritton move twitter login out of <li> a644d58
@johndbritton johndbritton use li for twitter login 56753f1
@johndbritton johndbritton set dimensions of twitter button 9daca95
@johndbritton johndbritton handle user avatar correctly ccec6eb
@johndbritton johndbritton disable unused api methods 48ad88b
@johndbritton johndbritton add listPadsOfAuthor API method 08a08d6
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
@johndbritton johndbritton use default Error class 6e4477a
@johndbritton johndbritton add padsearch for your pads to index 924dd49
@johndbritton johndbritton populate pad list with pads in all cases a4543dd
@johndbritton johndbritton link user avatar to pad listing 408024c
@johndbritton johndbritton don't append html, replace it a9126df
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