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Safety in Numbers, the legacy blog of Brighter Planet

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This repository drives Brighter Planet's blog, Safety in Numbers via Jekyll on GitHub Pages.

To start blogging

$ git clone

To add a post

Always start out with

$ git pull

Then stub out the post

$ rake post["My fancy title",Andy]

Now open the new file that was created. At the top, you'll need a metadata section that looks like this:

title: My fancy title
author: Andy
layout: post
categories: technology

Author is your first name (first letter capped), layout should always stay "post", and categories (if you want any) can either be a single category or a list of categories in brackets. You can use company, technology, and science.

Whatever goes below this metadata section is your post.


Normal images

These can be up to 370px wide.

Wrapped images

Text will flow around the image if you do it like:

![Alt text](/images/pic.png){.wrapped}

(Obviously wrapped images should be much narrower.)

Wide images

You can use wide images like this:

![Alt text](/images/pic.png)

These should be 651px wide.

To specify what goes in "Read More"

Wrap the part that gets hidden with these HTML comments: (verbatim!)

title: some post
layout: post

Some intro, this will be visible on the index page.

<!-- more start -->

More content, this will not be visible on the index page.

<!-- more end -->

The "more end" comment should go at the bottom of the document, below everything else.

See 2011-01-13-announcing-our-new-parcel-shipment-model.markdown for a good example and make sure that you always put BOTH comments, "more start" and then "more end".

The process is taken from

To preview your post/changes

$ jekyll --server

Then go to localhost:4000

To push your post/changes

$ git add _posts/
$ git commit -m "First draft of 'My Awesome Post'"
$ git push

Then go to

When in doubt

Just look at older posts for guidance

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