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how to install mosh on amazon ec2

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+title: How to install mosh on Amazon EC2
+author: Seamus
+layout: post
+categories: technology techresearch
+Here's how to install [mosh]( on [Amazon EC2 instances](
+<!-- more start -->
+{% highlight console %}
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ sudo yum install git-core boost-devel libutempter-devel ncurses-devel zlib-devel perl-CPAN cpp make automake gcc-c++
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ sudo cpan IO::Pty
+ [say yes twice]
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ curl -O ""
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ tar -xzf protobuf-2.4.1.tar.gz
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ cd protobuf-2.4.1
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ ./configure
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ make
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ sudo make install
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ sudo echo "/usr/local/lib" > /etc/
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ sudo ldconfig | grep proto
+ [you should see libprotobuf, etc.]
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/protobuf-2.4.1$ cd
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ git clone git clone
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: $ cd mosh
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/mosh$ ./
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/mosh$ ./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/mosh$ make
+ec2-user@ip-X-X-X-X: ~/mosh$ sudo make install
+{% endhighlight %}
+See the [full log here](/images/2012-04-14-how-to-install-mosh-on-amazon-ec2/my.log).
+Then you need to open the EC2 port: (note UDP)
+![Opening ports 60000-61000](/images/2012-04-14-how-to-install-mosh-on-amazon-ec2/open-firewall-for-mosh.png)
+<!-- more end -->
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