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RestTickets Distribution Repository

To setup:

git clone --recursive
vagrant up --no-provision # it is ok that it asks for password, see Vagrantfile
vagrant provision

After everythig is done, you will end up with 3 nodes:

  • Application Server (
  • Database Server (
  • REST API Server (

Now you should be able to ssh into any of those boxes:

vagrant ssh app  # ssh to appserver
vagrant ssh db   # ssh to dbserver
vagratn ssh api  # ssh to api server

Additionally, you should be able to ping port 80 on both app and api nodes (db node listens to PostgreSQL conections only):


To make it easier to type, add following aliases to your /etc/hosts file:

Finally, try navigating to application in your browser: (you might need to accept self-signed SSL certificate). You should get a confirmation message.

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