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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __EXEPACKER_HPP_
#define __EXEPACKER_HPP_
#include "_types.hpp"
#include "packer.hpp"
struct KKBlob
void *Data;
sU32 Size;
class KKBlobList
void AddBlob(void *data,sU32 size);
sArray<KKBlob> Blobs;
class CodeFragment
sU8 *Code;
sU8 *OriginalCode;
sInt CodeSize;
void Init(sPtr code,sInt codeSize);
sBool Patch(sChar *pattern,sU8 *patch,sInt size);
sBool PatchDWord(sChar *pattern,sU32 patch);
sBool PatchJump(sChar *pattern,sU32 offset,sU32 base);
sBool PatchOffsets(sU32 base);
sU8 *GetCode() { return Code; }
class EXEPacker
sChar Error[512];
sChar Warnings[4096];
sChar *WarningsPtr;
sU8 *Source;
struct PEHeader *PH,*OPH;
struct PESection *Section;
sU32 *DataDir;
sU8 *OutImage;
sU32 OutLimit,OutSize;
sU8 *Imports;
sU32 ImportSize,ImportMax;
sBool ResourcesPresent;
sArray<sU8> Resources;
sArray<sU8> ResourceStrings;
sArray<sU8> ResourceData;
/*sU8 *Resources;
sU32 ResourceSize;*/
sU8 *UnImage,*UnImageVA;
CodeFragment Depacker;
sU32 ActualSize;
sU32 Align(sU32 size,sU32 align);
sPtr AppendImage(sPtr data,sU32 size);
void Padding(sU32 size);
void AlignmentPadding(sU32 align);
sU32 SourceOffset(sU32 RVA);
void ResizeImports();
sBool ProcessImports();
void CleanupUnImage();
sBool ProcessResources();
sU32 ProcessResourcesR(sU8 *start,sU32 offs,sInt level,sBool compress);
void FinishResources(sU32 *dataDir);
void AdjustResourcesR(sU8 *start,sU32 offs,sU32 stringrel,sU32 datarel);
sU8 *Pack(class PackerFrontEnd *pfe,sU8 *source,sInt &outSize,class DebugInfo *info,PackerCallback cb,KKBlobList *blobs);
sChar *GetErrorMessage();
sChar *GetWarningMessages();
sU32 GetActualSize();
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