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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __GENCODE_HPP
#define __GENCODE_HPP
#include "_util.hpp"
#include "_gui.hpp"
#include "genplayer.hpp"
class ToolDoc;
class ToolObject;
class ToolWindow;
class sToolApp;
#define FIRSTGLOBAL 8 // magic constant from system.txt
sObject *FindLabel(sObject *,sInt label);
sChar *OffsetName(sU32 cid,sInt offset);
sInt AdressName(sU32 cid,sInt offset);
sBool DontCache(sU32 cid);
sInt OffsetSize(sU32 cid,sInt offset);
#define TCS_LOAD 1
#define TCS_STORE 2
#define TCS_ROOT 4 // root of recursion (maybe)
#define TCS_GENERATED 8 // during code generation, mark stores that are already generated.
#define TCS_VALID 16 // node is valid. this is cleared when note gets deleted!
#define TCS_CACHED 32 // this is a cached. Implies TCS_LOAD
#define TCS_ADD 64 // special code for handling varibale arguments "add" style functions
#define TCS_FXALLOC 128
#define TCG_DISCARD 1 // you may modify this object
#define TCG_KEEP 2 // you may not modify this object
#define TCG_POINTER 3 // you may not even copy this object
#define TC_INOUTMAX 32
struct ToolCodeSnip
sU32 Flags; // TCS_???
class ToolObject *CodeObject; // backlink to object
class ToolObject *StoreObject; // backlink to object
sInt OutputCID; // type for output
sInt InputCount; // inputs
sInt OutputCount; // outputs
sInt OriginalOutputCount; // outputs before split
ToolCodeSnip *Inputs[TC_INOUTMAX];
ToolCodeSnip *Outputs[TC_INOUTMAX];
sChar Name[32]; // name for load/store
sInt Index; // variable index
sInt NeedsCache; // needs cache
sBool FXViewport; // true = negative outputcount
struct ToolCodeLabel
sChar *Name;
sObject *Root;
sChar *RootName;
struct ToolCodeLabelName
sChar Name[32];
struct ToolCodeGen
ToolCodeSnip *NewSnip(); // get new snip from array
void Emit(sChar *format,...); // add to source
void Emit(ToolCodeSnip *); // emit code for this snip
void EmitR(ToolCodeSnip *); // emit code for this snip. return TCG_??
void AddR(ToolObject *to,ToolCodeSnip *root); // trivial tree generation
sInt ChangeR(ToolCodeSnip *); // check changes
void Init();
void Exit();
sInt MakeLabel(sChar *name); // get id of label. create new one if not found
sChar *System; // system.txt
sArray<ToolCodeSnip*> Snips; // add a snip to every operator
sInt SnipsAllocated; // how many snips are already allocated by NewSnip
sArray<ToolCodeLabel> Labels; // animation targets, make shure nothing is generated twice
sArray<ToolCodeLabelName> LabelNames; // global list of label names. this list is never reset and gives you unique mappings
sU32 *Bytecode; // save bytecode-ptr after compiling.
// please don't delete ScriptCompiler, this is not a copy!
sInt State; // Begin=1 / End=2 / Execute=3 / Cleanup=0
sToolApp *App; // link to app for FindObject();
sInt Error; // if error, do nothing
sInt Index; // global variable index
sInt Temp; // temporary variable name
sChar *Source; // the code ends up here
sInt SourceUsed;
sInt SourceAlloc;
class TimeDoc *Timeline[16]; // timelines to add to this
sInt TimelineCount;
void Begin(); // initialize array
void AddResult(ToolObject *); // add ToolObject as result. Cache will be set for this one
void AddTimeline(class TimeDoc *); // add timeline_OnInit() and timeline_OnFrmae();
sBool End(ScriptCompiler *,sBool addsource=0,sBool doexport=0); // resolve graph and generate code
sBool Execute(ScriptRuntime *); // (optional) execute code and set Cache
void Cleanup(); // cleans resources
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