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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __DEBUGINFO_HPP__
#define __DEBUGINFO_HPP__
#include "_types.hpp"
#include "packer.hpp"
#define DIC_END 0
#define DIC_CODE 1
#define DIC_DATA 2
#define DIC_UNKNOWN 3
union DIString
sInt Index;
sChar *String;
struct DISymFile
DIString Name;
sF32 PackedSize;
sU32 Size;
struct DISymNameSp // Namespace
DIString Name;
sF32 PackedSize;
sU32 Size;
struct DISymbol
DIString Name;
DIString MangledName;
sInt NameSpNum;
sInt FileNum;
sU32 VA;
sU32 Size;
sInt Class;
sF64 PackedSize;
class DebugInfo
sArray<sInt> Strings;
sArray<sChar> StringData;
sU32 Address;
sU32 BaseAddress;
class ReorderBuffer *Reorder;
sArray<DISymbol> Symbols;
sArray<DISymFile> Files;
sArray<DISymNameSp> NameSps;
void Init();
void Exit();
// only use those before reading is finished!!
sInt MakeString(sChar *string);
sChar* GetStringPrep(sInt index) { return &StringData[index]; }
void SetBaseAddress(sU32 base) { BaseAddress = base; }
void FinishedReading();
void Rebase(sU32 newBase);
sInt GetFile(sInt name);
sInt GetFileByName(sChar *name);
sInt GetNameSpace(sInt name);
sInt GetNameSpaceByName(sChar *name);
void StartAnalyze(sU32 startAddress,class ReorderBuffer *reorder=0);
static void TokenizeCallback(void *user,sInt uncompSize,sF32 compSize);
void FinishAnalyze();
sBool FindSymbol(sU32 VA,DISymbol **sym);
sChar *WriteReport();
class DebugInfoReader
virtual sBool ReadDebugInfo(sChar *fileName,DebugInfo &to) = 0;
struct ReorderItem
sU32 NewVA,NewSize;
sU32 OldVA,OldSize;
class ReorderBuffer
sArray<ReorderItem> Reorder;
void Add(sU32 newVA,sU32 newSize,sU32 oldVA,sU32 oldSize);
void Finish();
sBool Find(sU32 addr,ReorderItem **reord);
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