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// This code is in the public domain. See LICENSE for details.
#ifndef __texbase_h_
#define __texbase_h_
#include "types.h"
#include "plugbase.h"
#include "sync.h"
struct frTexture
sU32 w, h;
sU32 handle;
sU16* data;
sBool recalc;
frTexture(sU32 iw, sU32 ih);
frTexture(frTexture& x, sBool copy=sFALSE);
void resize(sU32 nw, sU32 nh);
void copy(frTexture& x);
sU16 *lock();
void unlock();
class frTexturePlugin: public frPlugin
frTexture* data;
fr::cSection processLock;
frTexturePlugin(const frPluginDef* d, sInt nLinks=0);
virtual ~frTexturePlugin();
virtual sBool process(sU32 counter = 0);
void resize(sU32 iw, sU32 ih);
inline frTexture* getData() { return data; }
inline frTexture* getInputData(sU32 i) { frPlugin* in = getInput(i); return (in && in->def->type == 0) ? static_cast<frTexturePlugin*>(in)->getData() : 0; }
sInt targetWidth, targetHeight;
extern void frInitTextureBase();
extern void frCloseTextureBase();