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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#include "_types.hpp"
#if !sPLAYER
class sShaderCompiler
enum { MAXTOKEN = 63 };
// scanner
const sChar *ScanPtr;
sChar Word[MAXTOKEN+1];
sInt Token;
sInt SubCode;
const sChar *SubScanPtr;
sChar TokValue[MAXTOKEN+1];
void WordScan();
sInt Scan();
void SkipRestOfLine();
void ExpectEndOfLine();
void ExpectEndOfWord();
void ExpectEndOfWordAndLine();
sBool ExpectWord(const sChar *word);
sBool ExpectSubWord(const sChar *subWord);
void VerifyToken(sInt token);
// error messages
sText *Errors;
sInt ErrorCount;
sInt ErrorLine;
sInt ErrorLineNum;
sInt Line;
sBool IsNewLine;
const sChar *FileName;
void Error(const sChar *error,...);
// symbol tables
struct Symbol;
class SymbolTable;
SymbolTable *Identifiers;
SymbolTable *Flags;
// identifier management
sInt NumTempRegs;
void OpenScope();
void EndScope();
sU32 FindSymRegister(const sChar *name);
void AddTempRegister(const sChar *name);
void AddPredefinedSymbols();
// flag management
sInt NumFlags;
void AddFlag(const sChar *name,sInt dim);
// control structures
struct Control;
sArray<Control> ControlStack;
void PushControl(sInt type,sInt param);
void PopControl(sInt type);
Control *TopControl();
void ElseControl(sBool set);
// output
sArray<sU32> Output;
struct IndexedPatch;
sArray<IndexedPatch> IndexedPatches;
sU32 DestModifier;
void Emit(sU32 token);
void EmitIndexBackpatches();
// shader type/version number
sInt ShaderType; // 0=vertex 1=pixel
sInt ShaderVer; // shader version number
// need to save address registers because they generate 2 reg indices
sU32 AddrReg;
sU32 AddrCount;
// parsing helper functions
sInt CharInList(sChar ch,const sChar *list);
sInt StringInPrefixList(const sChar *str,const sChar **prefixList,const sChar *&rest);
sInt MatchStringList(const sChar **stringList);
sInt DecodeInt(const sChar *what);
// subword-level parsing routines
sF32 ParseFloat();
sInt ParseWriteMask();
sU32 ParseSwizzle();
sU32 ParseRegNum();
sU32 ParseFlagIdentifier(sBool expectIt);
// word-level parsing routines
sU32 ParseDestReg(sBool writeMask);
sU32 ParseSourceReg();
sInt ParseIndexReg();
void ParseRange(sInt &start,sInt &end);
sU32 ParseIfCondition();
// line-level parsing routines
void ParseVersion();
void ParseDcl();
void ParseDef();
void ParseTemp();
void ParseAlias();
void ParseFor();
void ParseArith();
sBool ParseIndexInstr();
void ParseVMov();
// block-level parsing routines
void ParseFlags();
void ParseCode();
// frontend
sBool Compile(const sChar *source,const sChar *fileName,sText *errors);
const sU32 *GetShader() const;
sU32 *GetShaderCopy() const;
sU32 GetShaderSize() const;
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