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DashDoc provides integration of Dash (on OS X), Zeal (on Linux) and Zeal or Velocity (on Windows) into Sublime Text.

If the package is not available in the install list

You need to be on OS X, Windows or Linux to use DashDoc. You might have installed it already. If nothing helps, please check package control troubleshooting page or fill a bug against package control.


You can look up the word under the cursor or selected text in Dash using ctrl+h.


  1. Install the Sublime Package Control package.
  2. Use Package Control to install this package (DashDoc)

Hotkey configuration

DashDoc no longer comes with a default hotkey.

To set up the hotkey for dash open the Preferences > Key Bindings from the menu and add a new entry that looks like this:

[{ "keys": ["YOUR HOTKEY"], "command": "dash_doc"}]

for the default mode

[{ "keys": ["YOUR HOTKEY"], "command": "dash_doc",
                           "args": { "flip_syntax_sensitive": true } }]

for the flipped case sensitive mode.


xdg-utils on Linux.


As usual, you will find the associated settings under the Preferences / Package Settings / DashDoc menu. Personal settings should be made in Settings - User.

Search any topic

DashDoc also includes a command to search any topic right from Sublime's command palette.

Syntax sensitivity

By default, DashDoc is sensitive to the syntax used in the current view. Dash will then consult the docset that matches the current syntax. Example: a lookup for map in a Haskell buffer will instruct Dash to search in its haskell docset, a search for the same word in a Python buffer will consult the python docset instead.

Syntax-insensitive search may be invoked using the ctrl+alt+h hotkey. You have an option to switch the default method of searching with config option syntax_sensitive_as_default, which defaults to true. If you set it to false, then ctrl+h becomes syntax-insensitive, and ctrl+alt+h becomes the sensitive option.

Choosing a Dash docset for a given syntax

For any Sublime Text syntax, DashDoc can search a number of docsets of your choosing. Use map entries of the form { <syntax> : [ <docset>, <docset>, ... ] }. For <docset>, use the lowercase docset prefixes that Dash indicates in its Preferences / Docsets pane. Dash searches the list of docsets in the given order.

For particular projects, you can override individual syntax-to-docsets mappings in the settings of the project's .sublime-project file, for example:

"settings": {
  "syntax_docset_map": {
    "Objective-C": ["iphoneos", "cocos2d"]

Mappings that are not overridden this way default to what is found in the DashDoc.sublime-settings file. The default mapping, derived from Dash's suggestion, is:

  "ActionScript"          : ["actionscript"],
  "Boo"                   : ["unity3d"],
  "C"                     : ["c", "glib", "gl2", "gl3", "gl4", "manpages"],
  "C99"                   : ["c", "glib", "gl2", "gl3", "gl4", "manpages"],
  "C++"                   : ["cpp", "net", "boost", "qt", "cvcpp", "cocos2dx", "c", "manpages"],
  "C++11"                 : ["cpp", "net", "boost", "qt", "cvcpp", "cocos2dx", "c", "manpages"],
  "Clojure"               : ["clojure"],
  "CoffeeScript"          : ["coffee"],
  "ColdFusion"            : ["cf"],
  "CSS"                   : ["css", "bootstrap", "foundation", "less", "awesome", "cordova", "phonegap"],
  "Dart"                  : ["dartlang", "polymerdart", "angulardart"],
  "Elixir"                : ["elixir"],
  "Erlang"                : ["erlang"],
  "Go"                    : ["go", "godoc"],
  "GoSublime"             : ["go", "godoc"],
  "GoSublime-Go"          : ["go", "godoc"],
  "Groovy"                : ["groovy"],
  "Haskell"               : ["haskell"],
  "Haskell-SublimeHaskell": ["haskell"],
  "Literate Haskell"      : ["haskell"],
  "HTML"                  : ["html", "svg", "css", "bootstrap", "foundation", "awesome", "statamic", "javascript", "jquery", "jqueryui", "jquerym", "angularjs", "backbone", "marionette", "meteor", "moo", "prototype", "ember", "lodash", "underscore", "sencha", "extjs", "knockout", "zepto", "cordova", "phonegap", "yui"],
  "Jade"                  : ["jade"],
  "Java"                  : ["java", "javafx", "grails", "groovy", "playjava", "spring", "cvj", "processing", "javadoc"],
  "JavaScript"            : ["javascript", "jquery", "jqueryui", "jquerym", "angularjs", "backbone", "marionette", "meteor", "sproutcore", "moo", "prototype", "bootstrap", "foundation", "lodash", "underscore", "ember", "sencha", "extjs", "knockout", "zepto", "yui", "d3", "svg", "dojo", "coffee", "nodejs", "express", "mongoose", "moment", "require", "awsjs", "jasmine", "sinon", "grunt", "chai", "html", "css", "cordova", "phonegap", "unity3d", "titanium"],
  "Kotlin"                : ["kotlin"],
  "Less"                  : ["less"],
  "Lisp"                  : ["lisp"],
  "Lua"                   : ["lua", "corona"],
  "Markdown"              : ["markdown"],
  "MultiMarkdown"         : ["markdown"],
  "Objective-C"           : ["iphoneos", "macosx", "appledoc", "cocos2d", "cocos3d", "kobold2d", "sparrow", "cocoapods", "c", "manpages"],
  "Objective-C++"         : ["cpp", "iphoneos", "macosx", "appledoc", "cocos2d", "cocos2dx", "cocos3d", "kobold2d", "sparrow", "cocoapods", "c", "manpages"],
  "Objective-J"           : ["cappucino"],
  "OCaml"                 : ["ocaml"],
  "Perl"                  : ["perl", "manpages"],
  "PHP"                   : ["php", "wordpress", "drupal", "zend", "laravel", "yii", "joomla", "ee", "codeigniter", "cakephp", "phpunit", "symfony", "typo3", "twig", "smarty", "phpp", "html", "statamic", "mysql", "sqlite", "mongodb", "psql", "redis"],
  "Processing"            : ["processing"],
  "Puppet"                : ["puppet"],
  "Python"                : ["python", "django", "twisted", "sphinx", "flask", "tornado", "sqlalchemy", "numpy", "scipy", "salt", "cvp"],
  "R"                     : ["r"],
  "Ruby"                  : ["ruby", "rubygems", "rails"],
  "Ruby on Rails"         : ["ruby", "rubygems", "rails"],
  "(HTML) Rails"          : ["ruby", "rubygems", "rails", "html", "svg", "css", "bootstrap", "foundation", "awesome", "statamic", "javascript", "jquery", "jqueryui", "jquerym", "angularjs", "backbone", "marionette", "meteor", "moo", "prototype", "ember", "lodash", "underscore", "sencha", "extjs", "knockout", "zepto", "cordova", "phonegap", "yui"],
  "(JavaScript) Rails"    : ["ruby", "rubygems", "rails", "javascript", "jquery", "jqueryui", "jquerym", "angularjs", "backbone", "marionette", "meteor", "sproutcore", "moo", "prototype", "bootstrap", "foundation", "lodash", "underscore", "ember", "sencha", "extjs", "knockout", "zepto", "yui", "d3", "svg", "dojo", "coffee", "nodejs", "express", "mongoose", "moment", "require", "awsjs", "jasmine", "sinon", "grunt", "chai", "html", "css", "cordova", "phonegap", "unity3d"],
  "(SQL) Rails"           : ["ruby", "rubygems", "rails"],
  "Ruby Haml"             : ["haml"],
  "Rust"                  : ["rust"],
  "Sass"                  : ["sass", "compass", "bourbon", "neat", "css"],
  "Scala"                 : ["scala", "akka", "playscala", "scaladoc"],
  "Shell-Unix-Generic"    : ["bash", "manpages"],
  "SQL"                   : ["mysql", "sqlite", "psql"],
  "TCL"                   : ["tcl"],
  "TSS"                   : ["titanium"],
  "TypeScript"            : ["typescript", "javascript", "react", "nodejs", "jquery", "jqueryui", "jquerym", "angularjs", "backbone", "marionette", "meteor", "sproutcore", "moo", "prototype", "bootstrap", "foundation", "lodash", "underscore", "ember", "sencha", "extjs", "knockout", "zepto", "yui", "d3", "svg", "dojo", "express", "mongoose", "moment", "require", "awsjs", "jasmine", "sinon", "grunt", "chai", "html", "css", "cordova", "phonegap", "unity3d", "titanium"],
  "YAML"                  : ["yaml"],
  "XML"                   : ["xml", "titanium"]

More information on Dash docsets.