FarCry Core: a web app framework for the ColdFusion language (supporting Lucee & Adobe ColdFusion engines). An ideal platform for building bespoke or tailor made solutions.
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FarCry Core Framework

FarCry Core: a web app framework for the ColdFusion language (supporting Lucee, Railo & Adobe ColdFusion engines). An ideal platform for building bespoke or tailor made solutions.

FarCry Core comes with a range of plugins including FarCry CMS, a popular content management solution built with FarCry Core.


Download the latest community build or get a "ready-to-go" express version for a demo:


FarCry 7 Installation Guide is available on the forum, as is general support for all manner of hosting and deployment configurations.

Places to go



Forking, Commits, Pull Requests

We follow GitHub's standard recommendations for pull requests: https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests

The only caveat is that all submissions must continue to cede copyright to "Daemon Pty Limited", the corporate custodian of the code base.

Simple "pulls" will go through almost immediately. More complex stuff might spark a bit of discussion on the pull request itself, prior to going into the code base.

Fork now! Pull at will ;)