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fare 1.0.0: arbitrary release
Just bless the code as a release, even though there's nothing special
about it, so we can track version progress from 1.0.0.
Latest commit 6794c06 Jul 31, 2018

fare-scripts, random personal scripts

fare-scripts is a collection of small scripts I use at home. These scripts are published as examples of how to write scripts in Common Lisp, but without the ambition of turning them into widely used programs as such.

Any general purpose utilities will be moved from out of this repository into the cl-scripting project.

NB: If you want to try these scripts, be sure to install this directory where ASDF 3.1 will find it, e.g. under ~/common-lisp/ or, if you use Quicklisp, under ~/quicklisp/local-projects/. Be sure to install all the dependencies, and/or to use Quicklisp.