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(:author ("Francois-Rene Rideau" "Stas Boukarev")
:maintainer "Francois-Rene Rideau"
;; :run-depends-on ("string-escape")
:depends-on ("profiling" "specials" "virtual-pathnames"
"static-traversal" "computations"
"external-commands" "target-lisp-commands" "commands")))
(in-package :xcvb)
(defclass makefile-traversal ()
(defclass static-makefile-traversal (static-traversal makefile-traversal)
(defvar *makefile-target-directories-to-mkdir* ())
(defvar *makefile-target-directories* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(defvar *makefile-phonies* ())
(defmethod effective-namestring ((env makefile-traversal) fullname)
(fullname-enough-namestring env fullname))
(defmethod pseudo-effective-namestring ((env makefile-traversal) fullname)
(pseudo-fullname-enough-namestring env fullname))
(defun computations-to-Makefile (env)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(dolist (computation *computations*)
(write-computation-to-makefile env s computation))))
(defun write-makefile (fullname &key output-path)
"Write a Makefile to output-path with information about how to compile the specified BUILD."
(multiple-value-bind (target-dependency build directory) (handle-target fullname)
(declare (ignore build directory))
(let* ((env (make-instance 'static-makefile-traversal))
(default-output-path (subpathname *workspace* ""))
(if output-path
(merge-pathnames* output-path default-output-path)
(makefile-path (ensure-absolute-pathname actual-output-path))
(makefile-dir (pathname-directory-pathname makefile-path))
(*default-pathname-defaults* makefile-dir)
(*print-pretty* nil); otherwise SBCL will slow us down a lot.
(*makefile-target-directories* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(*makefile-target-directories-to-mkdir* nil)
(*makefile-phonies* nil)
(lisp-env-var (lisp-environment-variable-name :prefix nil))
(*lisp-executable-pathname* ;; magic escape!
(list :makefile "${" lisp-env-var "}")))
(log-format 9 "output-path: ~S" output-path)
(log-format 9 "default-output-path: ~S" default-output-path)
(log-format 9 "actual-output-path: ~S" actual-output-path)
(log-format 6 "makefile-path: ~S" makefile-path)
(log-format 9 "*default-pathname-defaults*: ~S" *default-pathname-defaults*)
(log-format 7 "workspace: ~S" *workspace*)
(log-format 7 "cache: ~S" *cache*)
(log-format 7 "object-cache: ~S" *object-cache*)
;; Pass 1: Traverse the graph of dependencies
(log-format 8 "T=~A building dependency graph" (get-universal-time))
(graph-for env target-dependency)
;; Pass 2: Build a Makefile out of the *computations*
(log-format 8 "T=~A computing makefile body" (get-universal-time))
(log-format 8 "All *computations*=~%~S" (reverse *computations*))
(let ((body (computations-to-Makefile env)))
(log-format 8 "T=~A creating makefile" (get-universal-time))
(ensure-directories-exist makefile-path)
(with-open-file (out makefile-path
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(log-format 8 "T=~A printing makefile" (get-universal-time))
:stream out :lisp-env-var lisp-env-var)
(princ body out)
(write-makefile-conclusion out)))
(log-format 8 "T=~A done" (get-universal-time))
;; Return data for use by the non-enforcing Makefile backend.
(values makefile-path makefile-dir))))
(defparameter +generated-file-warning-start+
"### This file was automatically created by XCVB")
(defun write-generated-file-warning (stream implementation-pathname)
(format stream "~
~A ~A with the arguments~%~
### ~{~A~^ ~}~%~
### It may have been specialized to the target implementation ~A~%~
### from ~A with the following features:~%~
### ~S~%~%~
### DO NOT EDIT! Changes will be lost when XCVB overwrites this file.~%~%"
*xcvb-version* *arguments* *lisp-implementation-type*
implementation-pathname *target-system-features*))
(defun write-makefile-prelude (&key stream lisp-env-var)
(let ((vars (list lisp-env-var))
(or *target-lisp-executable-pathname*
(lisp-implementation-name (get-lisp-implementation)))))
(write-generated-file-warning stream implementation-pathname)
(format stream "X~A ?= ~A~%~2:*~A ?= ${X~:*~A}~%" lisp-env-var implementation-pathname)
(case *lisp-implementation-type*
((:ccl :sbcl)
(let ((dir-var (lisp-implementation-directory-variable (get-lisp-implementation))))
(format stream "_o_ = ~A~%~A ?= $(shell $(_o_))~%"
:cross-compile nil
:eval (format nil "(progn (princ ~A)(terpri)~A)"
(association '*lisp-implementation-directory*
(append1f vars dir-var))))
(format stream "export~{ ~A~}~%~%" vars))
(format stream "
ifneq ($(wildcard ~A),~:*~A)
XCVB_EOD := xcvb-ensure-object-directories
(mapcar #'escape-string-for-Makefile
(mapcar 'enough-namestring
:separator " ")))
;; TODO: clean
;; * a clean-xcvb target that removes the object directory
(defun write-makefile-conclusion (&optional stream)
(format stream "
mkdir -p ~A
.PHONY: force xcvb-ensure-object-directories~{ ~A~}~2%"
(mapcar 'enough-namestring *makefile-target-directories-to-mkdir*))
(defun ensure-makefile-will-make-pathname (env namestring)
(declare (ignore env))
(let* ((p (position #\/ namestring :from-end t :end nil))
(dir (subseq namestring 0 p)))
(unless (gethash dir *makefile-target-directories*)
(setf (gethash dir *makefile-target-directories*) t)
(unless (find-if (lambda (d) (portable-namestring-prefix<= dir d))
(setf *makefile-target-directories-to-mkdir*
(cons dir
(remove-if (lambda (d) (portable-namestring-prefix<= d dir))
(defmethod vp-namestring :around ((env makefile-traversal) vp)
(let ((namestring (call-next-method)))
(when (eq (vp-root vp) :obj)
(ensure-makefile-will-make-pathname env namestring))
(defmethod grain-pathname-text ((env makefile-traversal) (grain file-grain))
(let ((pathname (call-next-method)))
(values (escape-sh-token-for-Makefile (enough-namestring pathname)) pathname)))
(defmethod grain-pathname-text :around ((env makefile-traversal) grain)
(declare (ignorable env grain))
(or (call-next-method) ""))
(defun Makefile-commands-for-computation (env computation-command)
(mapcar 'shell-tokens-to-Makefile
(external-commands-for-computation env computation-command)))
(defun write-computation-to-makefile (env stream computation)
(with-accessors ((command computation-command)
(inputs computation-inputs)
(outputs computation-outputs)) computation
(let* ((first-output (first outputs))
(dependencies (mapcar #'grain-computation-target inputs))
(target (grain-pathname-text env first-output))
(other-outputs (rest outputs)))
(dolist (o other-outputs)
(format stream "~&~A: ~A~%" (grain-pathname-text env o) target))
(format stream "~&~A:~{~@[ ~A~]~}~@[~A~] ${XCVB_EOD}~%"
(mapcar/ #'grain-pathname-text env dependencies)
(asdf-dependency-text env first-output dependencies))
(when command
(dolist (c (cons
(format nil "echo Building ~A" target)
(Makefile-commands-for-computation env command)))
(format stream "~C@~A~%" #\Tab c)))
(terpri stream))))
;;; This is only done for images, not for individual files.
;;; For finer granularity, we could possibly define for each ASDF system
;;; (and implementation) a variable
;;; ASDF_CL_PPCRE_UP_TO_DATE := $(shell ...)
;;; but that would require more work.
;;; Also, it doesn't make sense to try to beat ASDF at its own game:
;;; if you really want proper dependencies,
;;; you'll migrate from ASDF to XCVB anyway.
(defun asdf-dependency-text (env output inputs)
(with-nesting ()
(when (image-grain-p output))
(let ((asdf-grains (remove-if-not #'asdf-grain-p inputs))))
(when asdf-grains)
(let* ((image-namestring (grain-namestring env output))
(pathname-text (escape-sh-token-for-Makefile
(enough-namestring image-namestring)))))
(with-output-to-string (s)
(format s " $(shell [ -f ~A ] && " pathname-text)
:image-path image-namestring
:eval (format nil "(xcvb-driver::asdf-systems-up-to-date~{ ~S~})"
(mapcar #'asdf-grain-system-name asdf-grains)))
(format s " || echo force)"))))
(defmethod grain-pathname-text ((env makefile-traversal) (grain phony-grain))
(declare (ignore env))
(let ((n (normalize-name-for-makefile (princ-to-string (fullname grain)))))
(pushnew n *makefile-phonies* :test 'equal)
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Make-Makefile ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(define-command make-makefile
(("make-makefile" "mkmk" "mm")
(&rest keys &key)
(("output-path" #\o) :type string :initial-value "" :documentation "specify output path")
(("master" #\m) :type boolean :optional t :initial-value t :documentation "enable XCVB-master")
"Create some Makefile"
"Create Makefile rules to build a project." ignore)
(apply 'make-build :makefile-only t keys))
(defun read-integer (x)
(parse-integer x :junk-allowed t))
(defun slurp-stream-integer (input-stream)
(read-integer (slurp-stream-string input-stream)))
(defmethod slurp-input-stream ((x (eql :integer)) input-stream
&key &allow-other-keys)
(slurp-stream-integer input-stream))
(defun ncpus ()
((featurep :linux)
(run-program/ '("grep" "-c" "^processor " "/proc/cpuinfo") :output :integer))
((featurep :darwin)
(run-program/ '("sysctl" "-n" "hw.ncpu") :output :integer))
(read-integer (getenv "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS"))))))
(defun make-parallel-flag ()
(if-bind (ncpus) (ncpus)
(format nil "-l~A" (1+ ncpus))
(defun invoke-make (&key target directory makefile parallel ignore-error-status env)
(let* ((make (or (getenv "MAKE") "make"))
`(,@(when env `("env" ,@env))
,@(when parallel (list (make-parallel-flag)))
,@(when directory `("-C" ,(namestring directory)))
,@(when makefile `("-f" ,(namestring makefile)))
,@(when target (ensure-list target)))))
(log-format 6 "Building with ~S" make-command)
(run-program/ ;; for side-effects
make-command ; (strcat (escape-shell-command make-command) " >&2")
:ignore-error-status ignore-error-status)))
(define-command make-build
(("make-build" "mkb" "mb")
(&rest keys &key makefile-only (retry t) (exit t))
(("parallel" #\j) :type boolean :optional t :initial-value t :documentation "build in parallel"))
"Use Make to build your project (in parallel)"
"Create Makefile rules to build a project, use them."
(build output-path parallel))
(apply 'handle-global-options keys)
(with-maybe-profiling ()
(multiple-value-bind (makefile-path makefile-dir)
(write-makefile build :output-path output-path)
(if makefile-only
(values makefile-path makefile-dir)
(let ((code (invoke-make
:directory makefile-dir :makefile makefile-path :parallel parallel
:ignore-error-status t)))
(unless (zerop code)
(when retry
:directory makefile-dir :makefile makefile-path :parallel parallel
:ignore-error-status t :env '("XCVB_DEBUGGING=t"))))
(if exit
(exit code)
(values code makefile-dir makefile-path)))))))
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