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;;; -*- mode: lisp -*-
(:fullname "xcvb"
:author ("Francois-Rene Rideau" "Joyce Chen" "Spencer Brody" "Peter Keller")
:maintainer "Francois-Rene Rideau"
:licence "MIT" ;; MIT-style license. See LICENSE
:description "XCVB"
:long-description "an eXtensible Component Verifier and Builder for Lisp.
XCVB provides a scalable system to build large software in Lisp, featuring
deterministic separate compilation and enforced locally-declared dependencies."
((:fasl "/xcvb/driver")
(:asdf "asdf")
(:build "/asdf-encodings")
(:build "/cl-launch")
(:build "/fare-memoization")
(:build "/lisp-interface-library")
(:asdf "asdf-dependency-grovel")
(:asdf "closer-mop")
(:build "command-line-arguments")
(:build "fare-utils") ;; utilities and data structures.
(:build "fare-quasiquote") ;; fare-quasiquote-readtable and fare-quasiquote-optima
(:build "fare-mop")
(:build "inferior-shell")
(:when (:featurep :xcvb-farmer)
(:asdf "iolib") ;; I/O event loop
(:asdf "quux-iolib")) ;; signalfd support (experimental)
(:asdf "babel")
(:asdf "ironclad")
(:asdf "binascii")
;;(:when (:featurep (:not :clisp)) (:asdf "rucksack"))
(:when (:featurep :clozure)
(:when (:featurep :sbcl)
;; Used by XCVB
(:require :sb-posix)
(:require :sb-sprof)
;; make life easy for SLIME
(:require :sb-grovel)
(:require :sb-cltl2)
(:require :sb-introspect)
(:require :sb-bsd-sockets)))
(:when (:featurep :xcvb-farmer)
("xcvb-driver" "driver")
("xcvb-utils" "xcvb-utils")
("lisp-invocation" "lisp-invocation")
("asdf-condition-control" "asdf-condition-control")
("xcvb-bootstrap" "bootstrap")
("xcvb-bridge" "bridge"))
:pre-image t
:build-image nil)
(:executable "xcvb"
:depends-on :build
:pre-image-dump "(xcvb::prepare-image :version #.(xd::get-xcvb-version) :directory #.(xd:getenv \"INSTALL_XCVB\"))"
:entry-point "xcvb::entry-point"))